Young Carers Festival 2015 ~26th June–28th June ~

11257746_1630338340514593_6362190371053167461_nSo for anyone that doesn’t know, I’m a young carer, I care for my younger brother, he has autism. At times it is hard but to be honest I enjoy every minute of looking after my brother.

A few weeks ago I went to the Young Carers Festival. It was such a fun time!! For anyone that doesn’t SAM_0005know the festival is held for young carers all across the UK and Ireland, this year 13,000 young people went to the festival. Honestly, I enjoyed myself so much! The week before the festival I had been so excited but also a bit nervous, a lot of people go each year and I’m not very good with large amounts of people but I can honestly say it was so much fun! I didn’t have to worry about being judged because all the people that went to the festival go through the same kind of things I do. I care for my younger autistic brother and at times it is difficult but it’s an amazing experience  to be able to watch him grow up and do his own little thing. I love being a part of it.

imageThere was a radio station there and I loved listening to different young carers talking about their experiences and what they do. There were loads of activities to do too! There was this water slide, people were playing football, there was a zip wirer and a climbing wall, there were so many things to do. At night time there was this spinny ride, it was shaped as a circle and people held onto the bars while it went round. I went on that the year before last when I went the first time so I didn’t really want to go on it again, given that I don’t like heights. There was also this other spinny ride that I went on, I proved myself wrong, I was so scared in the line and the girls I was with did say that I didn’t have to do it if I didn’t want to but then again if I didn’t go on it at the festival I would’ve never gone on one. imageMy best mate went on it with me and even though someone would sit on it and laugh about how much of a chicken I was being she was being really supportive about it. While we were going round she was talking to me the whole time about random stuff just to make sure I was okay. It was quite fun actually, facing my fear of going in circles as fast as possible (It was quite fast to be honest).

The best bit about the trip was meeting new people and spending the weekend camping with my best friend. The young carers group that I go to had their own little camping area. On the last night of the festival we filled up water bottles and put a glow stick in each one, some of us stayed up talking while the others went to sleep. The camping area was used to gather the group together and there would always be some kind of banter going on within the group.

One of my favourite bits about the trip had to be getting told that some of the younger people in the group look up to me. One of the girls actually told me that I inspire them and that I’m their role model! It made me so happy because that’s kind of what I want to be in SAM_0027life, somebody’s role model.

This year it was my second year of going to the festival, it’s amazing the way that all the young people are brought together. Each time I go it is so much fun! I’m hoping to go again next year since this year was a blast!

Thank you to the ones that made the time at the festival enjoyable, there was never a boring moment so thank you!

{Sorry for not posting in a while, I’ve been so busy! I’ll post again soon Smile} –Alison xx