Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out…

Hey guys, so this week I think I’m just going to be discussing something a bit different to what I normally talk about and I know recently I have been saying that a lot and it probably doesn’t seem that different, but oh well… It just seems different, you know?

I feel that this is something that many people experience but don’t really talk about because they are either too worried to talk about it or they dont want anyone to know what their thinking. Does that make sense? Probably not, but lets continue!

So recently, I have noticed quite a lot. I’ll be sitting down and someone will say something to the group I’m sitting with. It’ll be aimed at one person, it probably seems funny to them, but then I notice that what they’ve said actually isn’t that nice. I don’t know if they realise or not, but it has hurt or annoyed that person. I can just tell by their facial expression. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Most of the time everyone in that group will laugh and that’ll be the end of it, but then the person that it was aimed at looks at me and I just know.

“It’s just banter.” That stupid excuse that I hate, I’m not talking about bullying here. I’m talking about people not thinking before their speaking.

Although I suppose it does apply with bullying.

It happens to me quite a lot, someone will make a joke about me expecting me to laugh as well, sometimes I do but then sometimes someone will take it too far. It has happened quite a lot over the past few weeks and as much as I don’t mind, a few of the things been said have been hurtful.

Some things that people say can be really hurtful and sometimes they may not mean what they say in that kind of context, but sometimes they might.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, just be careful with what you say. If you wouldn’t want it said back to you then don’t say it to someone else. It’s just common sense really. I just don’t understand why people can’t be nice to each other…

When I read this quote this week, “Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.” I knew that I was going to use it for this weeks blog. I’m not quite sure who said it but it is genius.

It made me think about a lot. It’s kind of funny. Ironic really. A bit hypocritical. Someone can say something horrible to someone else but then often doesn’t like it if someone else says something cruel to them. They don’t like it themselves, so why do it to others?

I know quite a few that have been bullies and didn’t like it when someone was horrible back. It just makes no sense to me. They still carried on being cruel to others after too. It just doesn’t make much sense to me, why do something to others if you don’t like it done to yourself?

I don’t know… I think I’m just gonna leave it at that… That made sense, right? It did in my head anyway.

Okay… So that’s it from me this week, kind of a short post. There will be another one next Thursday! Thank you for all the support from last weeks post and thank you to those that came up to me and told me they like reading my blog. It honestly does mean ever so much to me! Thank you so much! Keep smiling, stay strong and don’t settle for anything less than you deserve! Much love – Alison xx

You don’t need a reason to help people!

Hey guys, so this week I was going to write about something different but then yesterday something happened, and although it was only something that I consider small, I feel that it may be a big issue (in some cases). I also wanted to share it because although it is a small thing, I am kind of proud of myself for helping someone.

Before I begin typing I just want to say a massive thank you for all the people who have come up to me at school and told me they’ve read my blog and their thoughts on it. It means ever so much to me, it makes me so happy to hear all that! So thank you so much!

Okay, so on my way home from school I have to ride my bike down an alley. On my way home yesterday, I was half way down the alley when this little boy, who must have been in Year 5, came up to me crying.

“Excuse me. Have you seen my sister?”

This is one of the most nerve-wracking things that has ever been said to me. What if I do the wrong thing? There were a ton of questions going through my head, thinking about what to do. I was in a bit of a panic but started to talk to him.

I discovered that his sister went to my school and was in year 7. So we stood waiting down the alley, waiting for his sister, I was hoping she came down the alley. It was so worrying, I wouldn’t have known what to do if she didn’t walk down the alley.

I asked if he knew his mums phone number but he didn’t, so I asked him if he knew his sisters phone number but he didn’t. I just didn’t know what to do, I mean, what do you do in that situation? I was hoping his sister walked down the alley so that I knew it was all okay. I wasn’t even in a rush to get home, I would have happily took him to find a teacher within school, hoping that they would be able to do something to help.

I phoned my dad up after to make sure that I had done the right thing and he said he was proud of me.

On the way home, I saw the same boy again with his sister, they both said thank you and then the little boy waved goodbye. I’m not going to lie, it’s so good to know that I could help him. He had a smile on his face as soon as his sister was found. It’s the small things like that, helping someone, whether it’s helping them with something big or something small, that make the community a better place. That’s what I think, anyways.

The big issue that I was talking about at the start is that he didn’t know his mum or his sisters number, I mean I know he’s in Year 5 but what if his sister didn’t turn up? What if she had already gone home or something?

When I was little I got really annoyed at my dad, he kept making me learn his phone number. So on the way to school I would learn it and on the way home I would learn it. Eventually, after a year (I think), I finally learnt his phone number. So even if I didn’t have a phone yet, if I needed to call him and use someone else’s phone, I would know the number. I got so annoyed with him, I never really understood why I had to learn his number off by heart, but I eventually did.

When I was in Year 6, I used to do dancing after school, the sessions would end quite late so the parents would have to pick their children up after. One night, the session finished 45 minutes early. It was all good and well for some, a few parents use to turn up an hour early (My dad being one of them). None of the parents got told that it was going to end early so there were a few children who were left there without parents to pick them up (As they didn’t know it would end early).

There were two girls who I was friends with stood outside waiting for their parents, so my dad asked them if they knew any numbers that could be used to try to get a hold of them, which they didn’t… So my dad and I waited outside with them until their parents showed up.

I have two main points in this blog post.

The first point is that if you are a parent then please consider this, it seems to be an issue that not many think about. I wouldn’t think about it either if I was a parent! But it seems like a good idea, just in case.

My second point is that it costs NOTHING to be nice and help someone else! The little boy down the alley was ignored by a few people. I can’t stand to see someone upset, and although I didn’t know him and he was just a stranger, he is so young. I don’t really understand why no one stopped to help him…

Okay, so I’m going to wrap it up here. Just remember that it costs nothing to help someone else, and who knows, you might even make their day! There will be a new blog post up next week as usual! Have a great week! Keep smiling and have hope. Much love – Alison xx

Back to school survival guide (I suppose)

Hey guys, so this was supposed to be posted last week but I posted about Suicide Prevention Week as that made more sense. Before I begin, I just want to say a massive thank you for the lovely messages that I have got from a ton of people, it means so much, it defiantly is a great thing to read!

We are currently in our second week of school. So I wanted to take the time (as always) to write about the “survival guide” (?) of school. I’m not talking about the do’s or don’ts, the ways to get out of things, or anything like that (Sorry! Kinda…). labimg_870_back-to-school-minions

I wanted to write about the ways in which you can look after yourself at school (Bullying-wise), so that your school time isn’t too bad. I only say too bad because I know what everyone is thinking.

“It’s school, it’s not fun, its boring, no one really wants to be there!” – Said by everyone that I have ever met!

I reckon if I knew how to deal with bullying and all the grief I got within school from Year 7 to 12, I think I would like school. I wouldn’t love school, but I wouldn’t hate going, I wouldn’t think of a way to try to get out of it.

This blog post is dedicated to those that are starting a new school or college, to those that are starting a new year, and to those that got bullied last year.

So here goes, my top tips, my advice and anything else that I decide to type!

  1. Please try to stay positive, I know sometimes it can be difficult but school and the people in school, honestly aren’t worth the upset that they may bring. I know that it can become stressful and upsetting but they aren’t worth it. It’s best to talk to someone about it.
  2. Try your best, in school that’s all you can do. No matter what is going on in your life, all you have to do is try your best.
  3. Don’t keep important things to yourself. If you’re being bullied or know someone who is, please don’t keep it to yourself, you could help someone’s time at school become much better. Imagine if you stopped someone from being bullied, wouldn’t you feel a lot better knowing that the bullying had stopped?
  4. Work hard. Remember, what you put in is what you will get out. Good things come to those who work hard for what they want. Prove the ones that doubted you wrong.
  5. Try and be confident within yourself. I know this is difficult sometimes (Speaking from experience), but it helps to make you feel better.
  6. If you are someone who likes to help others and you notice someone who is shy and won’t speak to anyone, try to talk to them, it might make their day and who knows, you might help someone!
  7. Always tell someone if you are being bullied, ALWAYS. I don’t know how many times I have said this, but it is so so important! I have had to say this to so many people because they wont speak out about it, one of those people being me. It is so important that you tell someone.

I know this is quite a short list, I even got some of these from last years post that I wrote about going back to school. I just hope that I have helped at least one person.

Okay… So I suppose that’s it… I didn’t really know what to post this week so I came up with this, it was going to be posted eventually. I wasn’t going to post this but here it is. I know this is a short blog post but there will be another one next week. This is kind of like a filler (not really, but kind of), for what I have got coming up. Thank you for the ongoing support and the lovely messages! Keep smiling, stay strong and have hope! Have a great rest of your week! Much love – Alison xx

Suicide Prevention Week (5th – 10th September 2016)

Hey guys, so this week I want to take the time to speak about something that is a lottumblr_m76b5uFuIN1rbpp2zo1_1280 different from what I would usually talk about, but I feel as if I need to write about this to raise awareness. A lot of different factors can be the reason that someone commits suicide, but one of the top factors is bullying and since this is an anti-bullying blog, I thought I would touch on it in one of my posts.

*****Before I start typing I just want to say that if anyone is offended (etc.) by this post then just don’t read it, any hate that I get will be blocked. I’m writing about it to help raise awareness and I don’t want a negative impact from it. I am not meaning in any way to upset or offend anyone.*****

“You are not alone and this is not the end of your story.”

Now, I’m not sure if Suicide Prevention Week is a ‘thing’ in the UK, but I know that it defiantly is in the USA. I know for sure that there is a Suicide Prevention Day in the UK which is the 10th September. But Suicide Prevention Week is from the 5th to the 10th September.

Some of the causes:

  • life history
  • mental health
  • lifestyle
  • employment
  • relationships
  • genetics and family history

*Please note that I didn’t write that list and that I got it from the NHS website, I didn’t want to be wrong about it*

I don’t really want to go into this too much so I am going to keep it short. But there are loads of charities and programmes out there that want to help people, people do care. Your life is precious and you are loved by at least one person if not many.

These are just a few charities / organisations that anyone can go to if they need help or support with anything that is related to suicide. On the list I have linked in the websites of the charities / organisations.

“Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That’s called PURPOSE. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t forget it.”

I know this is rather short, I don’t really have much advice or anything useful to say about this topic, but I do know that we were put on this earth for a reason, and no matter how hard life gets it is best to fight it out, even if it seems impossible. I know it may not seem like it but whatever it is, that big grey cloud above you? It will pass and everything will be okay again.

Life is like a rollercoaster, it goes up and down, but what goes up must come down. So imagine your life is the little cart going around that rollercoaster, imagine that every time you go upwards on the track that something bad is happening… You have to come down at some point. It doesn’t matter how long you’re going up the track for, just know that the rough patch will come to the end and the cart will come back down.

There is light at the end of that tunnel, even if the tunnel is really long, eventually you will get to the end of the tunnel and you will see the light.

I just want you to know that you are not alone, there are people out there that love and care about you, even at times when it doesn’t seem like it. I promise its true.

“Your life is not over. Your life is important. Don’t take your beauty from the world.”

 I know this is rather short this week, but I didn’t want to not write about it. This is an important topic for me, I feel its one that people don’t really talk about, for whatever reason that is. But I feel like more awareness should be raised. There are many factors that cause people to commit suicide, one of them being bullying.

Here’s some advice that people are told over and over but some still ignore it. Before you say something, ask yourself these three questions:

Is it true?

Is it kind?

Is it necessary?

Be nice to others. That person that sits across from you in class? They could be going through anything. Do you really want to set that person off? Upset them even more? Make life harder for them? If your answer is no to all of those questions then re-think what you say.

It would be a really awful thing to discover one day that someone committed suicide, or attempted it, or anything of the sort, all because you said something that wasn’t nice to them. Just think before you speak. I know I wouldn’t want that on my conscience and I know you probably don’t either so just be nice. It literally isn’t much to ask.

I’m not talking about just girls or boys, men or women, it affects both genders. Just think before you say something.

Now I know this is short but I don’t really know what else to say, I just wanted to make sure that I wrote about the topic because even if it helps just SOMEONE, ANYONE, I will be super happy that I have managed to do that. You are all so lovely and amazing and deserve to live a wonderful life. Don’t end it because of the bump in the road or because you haven’t got to the end of the tunnel yet. YOU ARE LOVED.

That’s it from me this week. There will be a new blog post next Thursday as usual! Stay strong, have hope, keep smiling. Much love – Alison xx

Turning Eighteen!!!

Hey guys, so this is the second blog post I have posted this week, whoop-whoop! Before I start typing I just want to say thank you for all the support that I have been given as image1always, you guys are amazing! It’s currently 6:38am (it wont be when I post this), but I’m so happy! It’s my birthday! I’m finally 18!

I know it’s just another age but I think it is interesting to know that I have been alive for 6575 days (939 weeks and 2 days! 216 months!). Isn’t that just amazing! I think it is anyway, its incredible to find that out! I guess this is Chapter 18 of my life. Turning 18 is supposed to mean that you have reached one of the big milestones in your life. It’s supposed to mean that you’re a “responsible” young “adult”. When I got that said to me it made me laugh, I can be responsible at times, but there are times when my friends and family would disagree that I’m at the age of an adult. Sometimes they see my inner 6-year-old, “sometimes”, I mean a lot of the time. But what’s the point in living if you have to be IMG_2645serious all the time, am I right? I’m right. Don’t disagree with me, its my birthday. (I apologise, kinda).

This time last year, it was my first day of Year 12, I’m not going to lie, I have come a long way, well I reckon so anyway. I’ve become more confident and I’m not afraid to show who I truly am, even if that does mean getting weird looks from near enough everyone! They look at me weirdly when I make really bad jokes or when I’m enjoying myself, I guess the great thing about that is that while their giving me weird looks and laughing at me, ScreenHunter_63 Sep. 03 20.28they’re leaving someone else alone! That’s a GREAT feeling!

On this exact date last year, I posted a blog post about going back to school, I read through it this morning and wasn’t sure about it. I guess I just like my writing more now than back then. Which means, I guess, I’ve kind of improved? It’s great! *Grins like an idiot*

I began my day opening up birthday cards and managed to spill confetti everywhere, whoops! I then replied to all the lovely messages that I have been getting and had a fun day shopping with my best friend.

I got a few text messages at 00:00 straight away wishing me a happy birthday, but I decided that I would wait until morning to read them, since I knew they would put a smile on my face.

So back to talking about today…

I spent my 18th birthday with my best friend! The day started off great and it ended greatIMG_2646 too! I was supposed to be meeting her in town, but on my way to the place where we were supposed to meet up, I got a little fright. She shouted surprise and nearly jumped on my back, scaring me half to death! It was funny though, I’m not going to lie! She gave me a bag full of presents and a BALLOON!!!

So? What’s so good about a balloon? Calm down, you are not 10! Since my 16th birthday (maybe even before that), I have been talking to her about wanting a balloon on my birthday, I wasn’t hinting it to her at all. But she turned up with a balloon, my day was already made! My inner 6-year-old was so happy!

We then spent the day going shopping, she spoiled image6me rotten! We spent most of our day going from shop to shop, I enjoyed it so much! In the cards I was given there was more confetti, I’m not going to lie, my birthday has been so exciting! I know that sounds sarcastic but its the small things in life that make me happy, like the long messages in cards, confetti and balloons! I am so grateful for everything she did for me today!

I know you’re reading this, just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you, thank you for spending today with me, for the balloon! For your message in my card! For always being there for me 365 days a year! (366 on a leap year). For being an amazing friend! You’re like a sister to meimage2 (“Like”, pshhhh YOU are my sister, blood or not) and I love you so much! Thank you so much!!

My day has been amazing, I am sooo happy! I’m really chuffed with the presents that I have gotten today! Massive thank you to everyone that said happy birthday! Thank you for my cards and thank you for the presents that I have been given, they are all so lovely! And the balloon, can’t forget the balloon!!!

I didn’t think I would feel any different, turning 18, but I’m starting to feel different, older, I don’t know, its weird but I’m happy! Thank you so much my lovelies, you’re all so amazing! Thank you to everyone that made my day a great one! Thank you to my dad, my brother Tom and Chloe for making sure that I had a great day, I love you guys!!!

When I got home tonight before writing out this blog post, I was given a key ring with an owl on it (I forgot to take a picture of it). My cousins then surprisedImage 8 me and gave me a massive 18 balloon and some small balloons. MORE BALLOONS!!! Sorry, not sorry!

On our shopping travels, Chloe had a thing for unicorns (Who am I kidding, I LOVE unicorns! Don’t judge me okay, its my birthday! That is such a great excuse for everything, “It’s my birthday” haha!)… Okay… Back to what I was talking about! We were walking around town and even though I told her not to spend money on me, she spoiled me rotten, she said its my birthday (the great excuse returns) and its a big day so she’s buying me presents. She brought me a unicorn cushion, this cute cup type thing (with a unicorn on it), a throw for my bed and an Avengers phone case.

*Unicorn obsession returns* *BEWARE*DSCF2157

 DSCF2124DSCF2134  DSCF2160

DSCF2140 DSCF2151

Thank you so much to all the people who made sure I had a smile on my face all day! It means a lot and I love you all so much! I know this isn’t what I usually post about but it’s my birthday and 18 is one of the big milestones in my life. Thank you so much! There will be a new blog post next week! I am so very happy with my day, thank you so much! I know I have said thank you quite a lot in this post but I have had the BEST day ever! I am extremely happy!! (Even if this post is published a little bit later than I expected it to be!) Much love – Alison xx