2017 Recap / 3 Year Anniversary

Hey guys, so its New Years Eve!!! It’s also 3 years since I started this blog, it doesn’t feel Image result for 3 year blogiversarythat long but it’s so exciting, I have never been able to keep something going this long that I have really wanted to do – I tried poetry and writing stories but that didn’t really work out (etc). Plus I’m really proud of this, after the hate, I’ve been sent because I’ve been writing, I didn’t give up, I had breaks when it got a little too much, but I didn’t stop. All I’m saying is 3 years is more than 2 years and I’m really proud of that. Thank you for all the support over the years from the people who have pushed me to write when I didn’t really feel like it, thank you for all the kind words and ideas. Thank you to those that have sent me hate (Yep, I said it), you pushed me to prove you wrong, I will carry on writing.

So I thought as its New Years Eve I would do a recap of my year, I think this year has been good, better than 2016 for sure. So here’s my recap:

January – So this month, being the first, wasn’t actually too great for me, I got really ill less than two weeks into the year and had a lot of time off. So not too much happened in this month since I was sick.

February – Two of my best mates and I found a chicken at the place we volunteer – We named him Fred. I spent Valentine’s day on Skype (Like every single year) to one of my best friends.

March – I got closer to people who I thought I would never be able to, I made great friends, I celebrated my brothers 16th birthday (I feel old) and said goodbye to the place where I’ve spent the last 12 years making friends and realising that I’m not alone (Young Carers).

April – At the end of April I celebrated my dads birthday by having my first legal drink in a pub with him (I know I was a little late, but oh well), two days later I celebrated one of my best friends turning 18!

May – It was my last “official” day of Sixth Form, I’d done it!!! Of course, there’s only one way to celebrate that, with some of the people who have stuck with me in the 7 years that I was there.

June – I had my last exam! I saw some people who I hadn’t in a long time. I took my

Image result for beachy head

 brother to prom, I was so proud of him, he looked great! I voted for the first time ever!

July – I read a lot of books, I visited a new place. I found my favourite place in the UK (Picture below is not mine).

August – I started my first job. I collected my A-Level Results and I was happy with them (Never thought I’d say that). I collected my GCSE Maths results. I was enrolled into college, I met some lovely people and got really excited to start. Even though I didn’t really want to go (Thank you, Dad).

September – I celebrated my 19th birthday with 4 of my favourite people in the world. I started college the next day, I was so nervous, but I met some great people. I went on a mini adventure with the same people and got close to a few of them – it was a lot of fun! One of my favourite moments of September? Being told that “Everyone needs an Ally in their life” (Thank you Ella).

November – It was my 13th year of doing Poppy Appeal. I met some really inspirational people and really spoke up for what I believed in, I opened up at college and found that a lot of people were in my situation or have been in my situation and that meant a lot.

December – I got closer to more people, I laughed a lot more, THERE WAS SNOW!!! I met up with people more, I introduced friends to other friends (That was fun!), I handed out Christmas presents, letters and ducks, and last but not least, I walked around all day as a reindeer! I had a cracking Christmas and now here I am celebrating 3 years of blogging!

So that’s my year… It was decent, not going to lie, the only bad thing about it was some of the hate and getting sick at the start, but other than that, the rest of the year has been great!

Last year I set some New Years Goals for myself (I don’t remember why I didn’t call them resolutions), but they were to…

  1. Step out of my comfort zone ✓ (I started somewhere I didn’t want to)
  2. Try new things ✓ (I went camping and tried new food)
  3. Overcome my fears ✓ (I have got a little better with heights)
  4. Boost my confidence ✓ (That defiantly happened)
  5. Help more people ?✓ (I mean I’ve been told I have, but who knows)
  6. Spread more positivity ✓
  7. Have a good year ✓
  8. Carry on writing ✓ (Here I am, writing this post)
  9. Do what makes me happy ✓

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve smashed my New Years Resolutions for 2017. So here’s some for 2018 (Just for me to look back at really):

  1. Don’t be afraid to laugh or shout that little bit louder
  2. Visit more places
  3. Meet up with more people
  4. Read more books
  5. Smile more
  6. Talk more in awkward situations
  7. Don’t be afraid that you sound stupid (It doesn’t matter, they’ll forget if you do)
  8. Sing that little bit louder
  9. Carry on writing (Let’s make it 4 years, you got this)
  10. Think more positively in negative situations (The world isn’t going to end, it’s going to be okay)
  11. Please, get it into your head that it doesn’t matter what people think
  12. Get good grades
  13. Make more people smile

Okay… So that’s it for this year (Haha! ‘Cause it’s New Year’s Eve and tomorrow will be another year, get it? I know, I saw the same joke every year, I would say sorry but I would be lying…) Thank you to those that have made my year great, your awesome (You know who you are!). I’ll post again soon, I have so many ideas! Have a good time celebrating! Happy New Year! Wishing everyone all the best for 2018. Keep smiling, laugh that little bit louder and stay strong. Much love – Ally xx

My goal for Christmas was to make everyone smile…

Hey guys! I’m back! I know, I know, its weird, 2 posts in less than 7 days (Woah)! Hope everyone had a great Christmas day (if they celebrate it) and if not, then I hope you had a good day off.

Okay, so in October I started thinking about what I was getting people for Christmas. I didn’t want to buy them something they didn’t particularly want or weren’t going to use, and some people were difficult to buy for. It was a difficult decision. So I decided to write letters, to the people who I knew I would see, to the people who meant a lot to me. I’m not saying that the people that didn’t get letters don’t mean anything to me, I just wasn’t going to see them.

So I wrote 20 letters. Some people got “12 things I love about…” letters, because of the 12 days of Christmas, some people got “25 things I love about…” letters, because of the 25 days of Christmas (Of course).

I used different coloured paper, different coloured envelopes and wrote on each and every envelope that no one could open their envelopes until the 25th December. Every single person that I gave one to asked if they could open it there and then, but I stood my ground and said no. A lot of the replies I got were, “I’ll just open it later when you’re not there”, but I said I’d know if they did, and I was right. I did know when they opened it, everyone opened their envelopes on 25th December or later and as soon as they had read it, I got text messages (etc) about how what I’d written had made them happy.

My goal of the letters was to make them smile even when I wasn’t there, to remind them how much I appreciate them, to remind them that I am grateful of them even if I don’t say it a lot. To remind them that I am always going to be there, no matter what. (Sorry, you can’t get rid of me that easily…)

A week coming up to Christmas, I kept getting pictures and videos of the envelopes showing that they hadn’t been opened, but I already knew. Then on Christmas Eve, I got pictures of the envelopes being under people’s Christmas trees. All of Christmas Eve, I was getting sent a countdown from girls that were going to get to open their envelopes on Christmas day. It was really nice to know that they were excited to open them, it was even more lovely to know that I would make them smile on Christmas Day!

I got told by a lot of people who I made them cry (happy tears) but that it was a lovely idea and a lovely gift, that I had put a smile on their faces, that it was a really sweet idea. That the letters had warmed hearts and made people’s days. I’m literally quoting what I got sent to me…

My whole reason for taking 3 weeks to write these letters was to make people smile so that they knew they were loved and meant a lot to me, and knowing that I did that was probably the best Christmas present I gave and received… So the reason I’m writing about this is to let everyone know that it doesn’t matter whether a present is big or small it’s the thought of it that counts, it’s the smiles and laughs on Christmas day, its how happy that person is when receiving something, even if its something small (Like a letter), its spending time with friends and family. That’s what truly matters. That’s what should matter.

So there it is, I just wanted to write something small about this, it meant more to me than any of the people who received those letters, it meant more than they will ever know.

Edit: Oh and before I really, truly end, my last post that went up on Sunday was my 100th post! That’s crazy! It’s almost been 3 years since I started this blog and I’m on my 101st post! That’s insane. I can’t believe I’ve written that much, I can’t believe two of my favourite people in my life have proofread that many posts. Most of all I can’t believe some people have read that many posts! Thank you so so so much for the support, it means so much to me, more than you can imagine. Knowing this, I thought I’d have a look at how many people are reading my blog, or just genuinely scrolling through. For 3 years, the picture below is mad, that’s crazy, I hadn’t looked at it since Christmas last year when I got excited about 5,000 views and visitors. Thank you so much! I wouldn’t be here, without the people who read this or support me in general, thank you, it means so much!

views visitors

Merry Christmas! Happy Boxing Day (Do people say that on Boxing Day?)! Laugh a lot, smile a lot, make people smile when possible. That’s it from me until next time. Keep smiling. Much love – Ally xx

It was so weird to go back…

Hey guys, first post in a while, I’ve already explained in one post before why I’m not writing as much, it just feels so weird to write. I don’t have to anymore, this was like my diary to write negative things in and figure out why it’s happening, hoping that someone can relate, but life is going well and I’m happy. That seems kind of weird to type, I’ve never been so happy in one place before. I’ll probably write more on that soon, I’m trying to find time to write, mainly because I don’t want this to go. I have built up such a huge amazing audience over the 2 years that I have been writing, it’ll be 3 years on the 31st December. It doesn’t feel that long, I still haven’t really got the hang of it, I still find it nerve-wracking when I put my stuff out there, or when I get a notification that someone has said something. But it’s been an awesome 2 almost 3 years, it’s been really helpful for me and for others (That’s what they’ve said anyway).

Hopefully, after the New Year, I’ll be posting more, I know I got a lot I want to post in this month, before 2017 ends.

But here goes, a post that I knew I would write. I didn’t know how it would get written when thinking of it, but here goes…


Monday 18th December 2017…

That was the last time I ever had to go back, back to the place where a lot of bad memories lie.

That will be the last time I’m told I have to go, I may visit in the future, who knows,

But that was the last time that I had to go,

It was weird to stand outside the front gate and look in,

Nothing had changed, still, the same old secondary school that I knew all too well,

It was dark, the lights were on in most of the rooms, I’d never seen the school quite like this,

It looked so peaceful.

It didn’t look like the place that I once knew,

There were no screams, no laughs, no sounds of running feet,

There was no shouting,

Not even casual conversation, it was quiet, it was peaceful.

People started to turn up, friends started to turn up, and we walked in,

It had begun, I thought.

As I walked slowly down that path, I felt nervous, I didn’t know what to expect,

We were laughing and smiling,

Listening to other people’s, “do you remember when that happened there?”,

We walked through to a hall and it suddenly hit me with how nervous I really was,

Who would be here?

Would they say anything?

Breathe Alison, one last time, that’s all it is,

Put a smile on that face of yours, have a laugh with your mates,

Joke around, laugh when your dad says something to them about how they were the bad influence that I needed.

Smile at everyone, say hello. Get a little bit too excited when you see your friend you haven’t seen since August,

Yes, they’re all staring because you did shout a L I T T L E too loud.

It’s going to be okay, breath.

We all had to line up, then sit down in a big hall.

I felt better knowing that there weren’t that many people there,

That I was comfortable with these people,

That, hey, they were actually nice people.

So the teachers started talking, we all went quiet,

We were no longer their students, just young adults sat in the place where I used to dread being,

I didn’t get my chair kicked or my hair pulled,

I sat next to one of my best friends, we laughed a little, smiled a lot.

This is the place that I didn’t mind being.

When it was over and time to go home,

I missed it, which sounds weird,

How can you miss somewhere, where you used to hate?

It made no sense to me, but then again, I didn’t really miss the place,

I missed the teachers that cared,

The funny people who made me smile,

My friends, the library,

The moments that made me smile and laugh,

I didn’t miss the negative stuff that happened.

The night was odd and it was weird to go back,

But it was a happy and funny night,

It was good to see people who I may not see again,

To hear about what they’ve been up to.

It may have even been the last time that I hear their names called out again.

It was a really odd night, but I’m glad I went.

It’s over. That’s it. My time there is done,

The way I feel about it can’t be put into words,

But if there’s one thing I will say,

Never miss an opportunity that you might not get again.

Okay, so there it is. I wasn’t too sure about this one but I was told to post it. I’m hoping to post again soon, instead of waiting for something negative to happen, I’ve started thinking of everything that’s positive in my life, so I’ll be writing about that soon. Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a good one! Stay strong and keep smiling, live every moment as if it is your last. Much love – Ally xx