Hey, guys! So two weeks ago I collected my A Level results and a lot of people collected their AS Level results. A week ago, it was GCSE results day and a lot of people went to go collect their results.

I know I haven’t posted in a while – I’ve been busy (I know, shocker). But I thought I’d post a short blog post as last week someone gave me the inspiration to write this but I didn’t really get around to it. So since I have found the time to write I thought I would share my thoughts on the grading system and all sorts of other things related to grades, results day, schools, sixth forms, colleges, universities and jobs!

So when you want to get into sixth form, college, university or even get a job, a majority of the time you need good grades to show for it so that you get accepted. I know everyone already knows this but I think it should be done differently. I know some might disagree with me but then again it’s just my opinion. If you’re going to be rude in the comments just click off the tab now, I don’t mind other people’s opinions – in fact, it’s great, it starts a conversation, but don’t send hate. It’s easy not to do 🙂

– Going off course of what I’m talking about but it all links –

I don’t know about you but when I look at someone it’s more about what kind of person they are rather than looks. I know for a majority of people it’s the same. Well, I think it should be the same when sixth forms, colleges, universities or jobs pick you to study there / do the job.

– Wait –

I think that a majority of the time it probably should be about what kind of grades the person has got but sometimes it shouldn’t be. For example, I suck at exams, no matter how hard I try or how much I revise, I really struggle with exams, it’s already public knowledge that I do as most of the time I had to ask friends for help when it came to exam content.

I’m good at coursework, I work hard on it, and if someone were to look at what I do outside of school and the type of person I am then they would see that I do a lot of voluntary work and all I can to help others (If I can help someone then I will).

My point is, I think getting onto a course or getting a job should be like looking for someone to date, instead of looking at their looks (the grades), they should look and see what the person is really like (how hard they work, their extra curricular activities).

At the end of the day, a lot of people get let down by how exams went (not because of how hard they worked but because of their exams – everyone stresses with exams and sometimes the stress causes more problems for some than others).

My point – It shouldn’t matter about grades, it should matter how motivated someone is and how badly they want something – whether they are going to work hard for it or not.

Fair do’s for those that can do exams and get good grades – well done! It’s just that some may not be able to and so it shouldn’t always be looks over what they’re really like. I know a lot of people work really hard for exams and pass – I’m not saying I don’t. It’s just my opinion.

Okay, so that’s it for the mean while. Until next time, have a good week, keep smiling, and think about things before you say them – if it’s not helpful or kind then is there really any point in you saying it? If it doesn’t benefit others what’s the point of saying it? Hope you enjoyed reading, share this post if you agree (maybe, up to you :)). – Stay strong and stay positive. Much love – Ally xx