Worried about going back to school? Don’t be!

So I know from experience that some people get worried about going back to school with bullying happening. I know this because  I use to worry non-stop, but it’s nothing to worry about! Smile Usually after a holiday of a half term I didn’t want to go back, I use to say I was sick or didn’t feel well but my parents saw straight past me to the worry and said that it would be fine. I told my friend about the worry and she helped me out, she introduced me to some new people who were really nice to me, their my best friends now!

The point is, I was this shy girl (I still am shy) – but I was this shy girl that didn’t really speak to anyone and I found it hard to make friends, if that is like you then maybe tell someone (I know it may seem embarrassing but it’s worth it in the end), I mean everyone has at least one friend and if not then ask a teacher (I know that may sound stupid) – but the teachers that I liked (because they were just awesome teachers) were easy for me to talk to about it and they gave their advice about what I should do and who seems the nicest to start talking to. Another example of my school life is when my form tutor at the time managed to get me talking to these three girls about books (I’m a book worm, I love to read) – It was easy for me to talk about it, I found out that their really nice and now I’m friends with them. It happened because I asked my form tutor for help and she helped me to start talking to them.

Try and talk to someone new, maybe about books or music or art – Something you love and you find easy to talk about.Smile Try and make a new friend or maybe two.Smile

I’m still shy now and don’t really talk that much but I can talk to people, it’s still a bit difficult for me to make friends because of my low self esteem (because of the bullying) – But that is part of the long journey I have to make to find the real me. I hate bullying, it has managed to make me less confident about everything, I’ve got a low self esteem, I find it hard to talk to people and I get really nervous about everything because I’m scared about what people think – But I surrounded myself with positive things and people that support me and make me feel better about everything I want to try and do in life (This blog for example). Surround yourself with positive and they will help you get through it.

Going back to school is nothing to worry about, I know you may be reading this and thinking, “that’s because you got over it and people helped you”,  but trust me I’m not over it, I still worry about getting bullied and I probably always will but that’s just me because it has gone on too long and it’s not something I can’t forget about because (I know this probably sounds stupid and you probably won’t understand) – But bullying is apart of me – It has made me who I am today.Smile Just try and surround yourself with positive and happy things to try and keep yourself happy – That’s what I do now.Smile

Don’t worry about going back to school tomorrow or whenever you go back for after the winter break, the bullies don’t matter, their opinions don’t matter, your the only thing that matters so try and keep yourself happy and learn (I know you probably don’t want to) – But bullying stopped me from leaning cause I was always worrying but now I’m okaySmile. I know what they say is horrible and cruel but it’s because they have nothing better to do with their time. Surround yourself with positive people and don’t worry about what people think.

Hoped this helpedSmile – Alison