15 Thing You Can Do While On Lockdown…

Hey guys, so I got a few messages back from some of you about my last post, so since then I’ve decided to write a short list of the things you can do to keep you busy while on lockdown. I know that there is a longer list of things that people can’t do, but when this is all over, and it will be over at some point (Even if it doesn’t seem that way) – You will be able to do those things again and it’ll be so worth it (Sort of – Don’t think that’s the right word to use).

15 Things that you can do while on Lockdown:
1. Fall back in love with a hobby that you might not have been able to do for a while.
2. Go for a walk or a jog – Just stay 2 metres away from others (Got to be safe)
3. Read a book or two.
4. Catch up on that series that you haven’t been able to watch in a while.
5. Do the odd jobs that you’ve been putting off.
6. Redecorate or move things around in your room / house.
7. Talk to your friends and family over Facetime – Life gets in the way sometimes, which means you may not be able to talk to your friends or family as much as you want to, use this time now to catch up.
8. That thing that you’ve put off doing because you’ve been so busy with life? Take the time to do it now (Unless you can’t due to lockdown)…
9. Go through your things, are there things that you no longer need? Sort it out so that after this is over, they can go to the charity shop.
10. Play board games with your family or complete a puzzle.
11. Don’t forget self care – take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, ect. This is probably the most important thing right now!
12. Start a new hobby? There’s so many things you can do inside with very little equipment.
13. Practice something that you want to be good at.
14. Chill out and enjoy the weather in your garden.
15. We have been given a pause on life, use this time to rest and recharge, to get creative, to do things you wouldn’t usually have time to do.

So there’s the list. Take this time that we have been given and use it as a positive. I’m using this time to write more, read more and do things that I have been putting off for a while. I’m sure the list could be longer, leave a comment below and let me know what your spending this lockdown doing.

This was meant to be posted a week after my last post as it’s been in my drafts for that long but it seems odd, especially as this isn’t what I usually post, but then again, this is an odd situation. Sorry for the delay, there will be more posts soon.

Until next time. Stay home and stay safe. Much love – Ally xx

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