“Nah me and Alison are cool.”

Hey guys, so this week I want to talk about something that happened yesterday. The quote of my blog post probably tells you that this is going to be somewhat of a rant. But I wrote something about it because I am able to deal with it now. It brought back a lot of memories.

Here goes…

“Nah me and Alison are cool”

But are we though? Do you not remember what you done to me?

I do.

Do you not remember having fun bullying me?

I do.

Do you not remember humiliating me in front of everyone to gain popularity?

Make you feel big does it?

Do you feel better now? You’ve gone from being bullied to bullying others and now your Mr popular, well that’s what you think. 

I know.

Do you remember when you slapped my arse in front of your friends to make fun of me? To make me feel small? It worked. Do you feel proud? 

I feel sorry for you.

Today I told you exactly what I wanted to, it wasn’t anything rude, I just told you I wanted you to go away and leave me alone, simple right? Obviously it wasn’t simple for you.

Don’t you get it yet?

Do you feel better now after making that joke about me? Does it make you feel better now? Does it make you feel big?

I hope so.

I used to get upset over the stuff you used to do and say to me, but not anymore. 

Hope you feel proud now.

Do you feel small? I mean, that’s why you do it, right? Does it help your small mind feel bigger? You must have real problems to have to bully someone else to make yourself feel big?

I hope you have someone to talk to that you can trust. Hopefully they wont make fun of you.

I do.

You got bullied so you have to bully others, is that what it is? I understand that they hurt you.

I hope one day, you get the support to help you.

You know what history is, right?

In time, you will be walking down the road proud with your girlfriend / daughter / son, and somebody will say “there’s that bully, do you remember him?” 

It’s called karma.

I did that six months ago, she dumped him and he cried as she was bullied at school. I was too kind to shout karma.

I wish you all the best in the future.

Okay so that’s it for this weeks post, I’m trying to get back into weekly blogging but we’ll see what happens. Quick shout-out to my best friend Chloe for always supporting me with everything that I do and genuinely being there for me no matter what. Thank you for reading and thank you to those that keep asking me to post, it means a lot knowing that you want to read. If you are new here and like what I post, press that follow button! Thank you so much. Much love – Alison xx

Want it? Work for it!

Hey guys! So I haven’t posted since the first week of January, I have been away for a while, I have been trying to better myself from being ill… Anyways, this week I wanted to talk about effort and actually putting something into what you want. The whole, “If you want it, you have to work for it” kind of conversation…

I wrote this sometime last year and what I say next is way overdue, its something that I should have posted a long time ago within a blog post. Before I continue writing about the actual topic of this blog post I wanted to say thank you, thank you to those that support me through thick and thin and a massive thank you to those that send me lovely messages about my blog, it means a lot. Also a massive thank you to those that send me hate, yep you read that right, thank you ever so much! It means ever so much. On that note, I’m just going to put a little quote below…

“Being a bully is a scream of brokenness, a sign that your needs for love, attention, worth and appreciation are not being met.” – Unknown

The fact that you’re behind a screen, anonymous, is kind of sad… It doesn’t affect me as much as it used to, in fact, I found it kind of amusing. Thing is, I know who it is because it’s the same things written as last time. Doesn’t bother me… Its kind of funny that because you didn’t get through to me with the anonymous comments on my blog that you had to try to get to me through social media. Big shout out to you and your friends for being cowards!

Anyways… This weeks blog post! Over the past few months people have been saying to me…

“You’re so lucky!”, “I wish I was able to do that.” “I want to do that but…”, “I’m jealous of ____ I wish I was able to do what they could…”

 I’m not going to lie, its kind of annoying. Some things are just luck and that’s okay. But sometimes people expect things to happen for them but they don’t want to work for it. It’s like they expect it to be handed to them on a plate.

I’m not bragging about anything, as far as I’m concerned I have nothing to brag about, I work for what I want and if I’m lucky with anything, I’m lucky with having the family and friends that I do that support me day in day out.

You have to work hard for what you want.

You want that grade in the course you are doing? Work for it.

You want a car? Work towards getting the money to pass your test and get the car you want.

You want to do something, but there’s something or someone holding you back? Overcome the obstacle and do whatever it is you want to do. Work towards overcoming that obstacle.

The time when someone said I was lucky was because of this blog, this said that I was lucky enough to be able to be strong enough to open up on the internet and help others. It’s not really luck, I mean, I’m lucky to have the audience that I do because when I started I literally just thought that it would be my dad and my friends that would have read it. But other than having the audience that I do (You guys are awesome!) the rest of it isn’t really luck. I had to work it up and practice my writing to get as far as I have. For some it may not seem that far but honestly I have reached so many goals with this blog.

This blog is my own little space to express how I am feeling and write about what is happening in my life. It is my own little space to help others. Whenever I have time, I am constantly working on it to make it better. Having said that, it sums up this post, you have to work for what you want.

I have a constant reminder that I have to work hard to be successful and get to where I want to be in life.

I guess some people are lucky and will get things handed to them, but then I guess they wont be able to feel good about how far they have come or feel good about how the hard work has paid off. At the end of the day I want to be able to say that I am where I am as a result of the hard work that I put in. I want to be able to say that because I didn’t give up I am where I am, it seems that as long as I have the support that I do from family and friends that I can work hard and achieve what I want to.

“Hard work pays off in the long run, procrastination pays off now.” – Unknown.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot work for what you want. At the end of the day, your success and achievements will be measured by how much you put in. But to achieve it you have to want to do it, like really want to do it.

If someone says that you cannot achieve something or that you cannot be successful in life, prove them wrong. Nothing feels better than knowing that you are working hard for your own success which in the end will prove someone wrong.

A teacher says that you are never going to amount to anything? Prove them wrong. It will be so satisfying knowing that you have.

If you want it, you need to work for it.

On that note, I feel that this is a good point to end the blog post. Thank you for all the support from my friends, family (especially my dad and my brother) and to those that read this blog! I am going to try to post more regularly since that was one of my new years resolutions for this blog. Hope you are all doing well. Have a great week and remember to keep smiling! Much love – Alison xx