It’s My Two Year Blogiversary!!!

Hey guys! So today is my two-year anniversary of owning this blog or as I like to call it15820517_1213069865427904_927589643_n my “blogiversary!” I’m really quite excited. Although it may not be a big thing to quite a few people it’s a big thing for me and it means a lot. Thank you to those of you that have sent me lovely messages this morning, it means a lot!

This year I have managed to post 51 blog posts, 52 including this one. I think that may be more than last year…

The main reason I am writing this is to say thank you to quite a few people because I don’t know what I would do without a lot of them… Their support has been amazing, as always.

I’m kind of proud of myself this year, I managed to do quite a few things that I thought were impossible for me, personal things mainly. This blog post is probably going to be really long but I know those that will sit and read it will be the usual ones that do, I love you guys!

Here goes…

My top 10 blog posts of 2016:

  1. Donating My Hair to The Little Princess Trust – I am super proud of this one, I only posted it on Thursday but I really am proud 2-yearof myself for donating my hair.
  2. I Conquered My Fear of Horses – I never thought I would be able to go near a horse let alone ride one, it was a big thing for me and defiantly another thing that I am proud of.
  3. My Inspiration, My Role Model, My dad – Another blog post that I am proud of writing, every word of it was true and my dad loved it so I’m happy with it!
  4. Four Eyed Freak – I opened up quite a lot in this post…
  5. Sunshine Bloggers Award – When I got nominated for this I couldn’t help but write about it!
  6. Reposting: Let’s talk about Cyber-Bullying… – It took a lot for me to repost this blog post, the support I got back from it was unimaginable.
  7. I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! – This was another thing that made me15841543_1213069845427906_1885602423_n massively happy, being told that I’m helping people really does mean a lot to me!
  8. Taxis… – In March I opened up about my accident for the first time, the support that I got back was unbelievable. It meant a lot.
  9. Turning Eighteen!!! – I had an awesome day with an awesome person so as you can imagine I loved writing this one.
  10. The Positive Outcome of Telling a Teacher about Bullying… – I wrote this one recently, its something that happened not that long ago and I was really proud of myself for being able to go through with speaking to the people who were giving me grief.

When looking through all the blog posts that I have written this year I couldn’t pick JUST 10 but as I decided to, these are my main 10, there not in order but there they are…

My 2016 in pictures:

I’ve had quite a good year, I’m not going to lie, there have been quite a few tears but there has been just as many laughs and smiles. I’ve met some amazing new people this year and done some amazing things. I can’t really believe its been two years, it doesn’t feel like it.

15800914_1213070568761167_1504352434_nThe support I have got this year has been amazing, I have had people come up to me and tell me that they read my blog, that to me is just awesome! Knowing that I can help people while doing something that I really love to do, means a lot. There have been times when I have wanted to quit this blog and delete it, but I am really glad that I didn’t. It would have been a massive mistake.

This time last year I found out that I had got just over 1,000 views on my blog. To now find out that there are 5,000 of you reading is amazing! That’s incredible! To find out that since 2014 there have been 5,000 people reading this, it’s just amazing, I’m lost for words. To do something that I love ever so much and get the kind of reaction back from it that I have is truly wonderful. Okay, so at times there have been people anonymously commenting but WOW, I’m just so happy! Thank you ever so much! To find out that it’s not just people from the UK but from around the world is just amazing!

Massive shout out to everyone that has supported me from the start! You know who you are, and a massive thank you to those of you that have turned up in my 2016 and supported me from the beginning of meeting me. I’ve lost a few people this year, but the ones that I have15749749_1213069875427903_1003612429_n still got make me realise that people come and go, it’s the true ones that stick around. Thank you so much! Thank you to my dad as well, for always supporting me and helping me better myself. Also a massive thank you to my brother Tom for just being you, your my hero, you make everyday better for me. I love you so much.

So as I sit here re-editing this post and putting in the pictures of my year, while eating a cupcake (The picture explains it more), I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. May you experience joy and happiness. I’m going to have a good night with my family celebrating this and welcoming in the New Year! Have a good night, stay safe, make good decisions and just have a good time! See you in 2017! Much love – Alison xx

Donating My Hair to The Little Princess Trust!

Hey guys! So this week I want to write about the Little Princess Trust! But before I do I just wanted to say that I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Okay, so for anyone that doesn’t know, “The Little Princess Trust is a charity that provides real hair wigs free of charge to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.”

On the 23rd December I went to go and get my hair cut. However, at the same time I managed to get my hair donated to the Little Princess Trust, it is something that I am ever so proud of. I have wanted to donate my hair for ages, literally years. Although my dad never let me, this was because the first time I wanted to do it I wanted to shave all my hair off for a charity and donate my hair, as you can imagine he said no. A few months ago I found out about this charity where I could donate my hair, where I wouldn’t shave all of it off so therefore I may have been able to get it done and I did!!! I finally got my hair cut for charity!

Before & After:


Here’s what happened…

15673145_1203591573042400_170225870_nStage 1:

The two lovely ladies that were helping with my hair started to plait all my hair to the length that I wanted it. The hair has to be roughly 12″, which I was so happy with because it meant that I could donate my hair. My hair got plaited into 7 plaits where it was then securely tied so that it would be ready to cut. This was so exciting to have done, it made me feel great!

It is such an amazing way to end my year and it is something that I would defiantly do again. It’s for a good cause and I cant wait to be able to do it again when my hair gets longer, I know that this is exactly what I want to do every time my hair grows out.

15722813_1203591606375730_545241756_nStage 2:

Here is a picture of the first plait being cut off! I was so excited about it! I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do. My hair was way too long before I got it cut, it was nice to style and have down but having to tame my long hair every single day was a bit of a nightmare. It was defiantly due a haircut.

Although a lot of people have said that they like my long hair I like it short. When I told a few close friends about what I had done a lot of them were shocked. I got told that it looked “different” but that it “suited” me.

At this point, after having the first plait cut off I was so excited to get the rest cut off. It was a really good experience, the ladies in the hairdressers were really lovely too, that’s what helped to make this experience even better!

15645404_1203591579709066_236552456_nStage 3:

This is a picture of all of the 7 plaits of my hair that got cut off! It made me feel really good to know that my hair had another use for others. To know that I could make a difference. I am literally so proud of myself! It’s an amazing way to end the year!

It is defiantly something that I am going to aim to do again.

It’s a good way to put hair to use once someone gets it cut, much better than having it cut and having it swept away on the floor, just going to end up in a bin after.


Stage 4:

It was time to get my hair cut and styled into the way I wanted it done. Having long hair is really annoying to tame so I was really relieved and happy with how short it had been cut. Not to mention that it was cut for a good cause!

When I told a few people that I was going to have my hair cut short, a lot of them looked at me and said “are you sure?”, I mean I know that if I made a mistake I wouldn’t be able to glue it back on but honestly I don’t think I have made a mistake. It was really exciting and to know that a little girl or a little boy is going to be able to have a wig because of me really does make me feel good inside. I love how it turned out and although the era of me having my hair shaved at the side is over, I don’t think that will be permanent, once my hair has grown out to the point where I can put it up again it will go straight back to how it was, so that I can grow it out again to donate my hair again.

15683387_1203591636375727_1405525841_nStage 5:

This was the finished product of my hair and I am so happy with it!!! I love it so much! I have tried all week to keep it quiet that I got my hair cut this short just so that I could post this. I am so very proud of this moment! Thank you so much to those of you who gave me such wonderful compliments when I showed you my hair, I love it!

As a lot of people have said to me, it is something different and I am really pleased with it.

On Christmas Eve I went to go and collect a certificate that I had been given for donating my hair. So many people have said so many lovely thingscertificate about it and it means ever so much to me! It is really good to know that I have done a good thing!

I think my dad is really proud of me, every time we saw someone we knew he told them exactly what I had done because a lot of them reacted in horror, “where has all your lovely hair gone?!” It was quite funny actually. I couldn’t help but laugh.

With who I am as a person, I am quite surprised that I managed to keep this quiet for as long as I did. Some people may be thinking “it’s not that difficult”, but TRUST ME, I just can’t keep quiet about much, I tell everyone E V E R Y T H I N G. Not everyone, just the people who I am close with. Minus private / secret things of course, but you catch my drift. If you know me personally, you defiantly know what I’m on about. A message or Snapshot every time I achieve something, but there haven’t been any complaints, haha!

So here it is, here’s what I have achieved this week! I’m really proud of it! It’s one of the best ways to end my year! Thank you for all the lovely compliments about my hair (to those who I told), thank you to the lovely ladies that done my hair for me, I love it! Last but not least, thank you to my dad for letting me get it done! Love you! So there it is… Whoop, whoop! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! There will be a new blog post up at 6pm on Saturday (31st December), two posts in one week! The 31st December marks two years of this blog so I cant wait to share that and celebrate that with you guys! Thank you so much for all the support! Have a great week, stay safe and keep smiling! Much love – Alison xx

2017 Goals!

Hello, it is currently 9 days until 2017 arrives. This year, thinking about it, has gone kind of quick, it feels as if months have been missed out of this year. Sometime last year I posted about my goals for 2016, so I want to talk about those and set some goals for 2017. I guess this is my end of year wrap up, kind of.

This year, I have achieved quite a bit. My goals that I set for myself last year were to:

  1. Overcome my fears
  2. Boost my confidence
  3. Help more people
  4. Spread more positivity
  5. Have a good year

I think I’ve managed to do all of those to be honest. I mean, I overcame my fear or horses which helped me to boost my confidence too. I also managed to boost my confidence in general with doing what I have this year. According to others I have helped more people which is always great to know! I reckon I have spread more positivity, managing to make at least a few people smile, and lastly, I have had a pretty decent year. I kicked it off with owning my blog for a whole year, managed to make new friends and overcome some fears. It’s been a pretty good year! I have managed to keep my blog going no matter how difficult things got.

Okay, so next year, I have quite a few goals for myself. I defiantly am going to carry on with my blog, no matter what others say, I enjoy writing and I have a ton of ideas for next years posts.

I want to…

  1. Step out of my comfort zone
  2. Try new things
  3. Overcome my fears
  4. Boost my confidence
  5. Help more people
  6. Spread more positivity
  7. Have a good year
  8. Carry on writing
  9. Do what makes me happy

I’m excited to start a new year because although this year hasn’t been the best, there have been the down moments, things can only move forward.

Okay so I know this is short but I thought I would write about it. What are your goals? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading! This is my last blog post before Christmas! There will hopefully be a new blog post up next Thursday! Have a lovely week and remember to keep smiling. Much love – Alison xx

Being able to be me…

Hey guys! As it is getting nearer to Christmas (5 days, whoop whoop!!) I wanted to write about something that means a lot to me and since Christmas is the time of year where you celebrate family and friends (among other things), I feel that this is the best way to show my appreciation. It’s an appreciation post!

So last Monday, I went to a Christmas party, but it wasn’t any kind of Christmas party it was one for the Young Carers.

Now if you don’t know what a Young Carer is, here’s a definition from the NHS, “A young carer is someone aged 18 or under who helps look after a relative who has a condition, such as a disability, illness, mental health condition, or a drug or alcohol problem.”

I am a Young Carer. I will probably write about this soon but for now, here is the rest of this post…

So on Monday I went to a Young Carers Christmas party, it was wicked! I loved it! It was so joyful and everything that Christmas is about.

Here’s why I am writing about this…15644269_1201030646631826_2027634216_n

When I’m with other Young Carers, I don’t have to worry about what I look like or how loud my laugh is or how “weird” I am to others because we all accept one another. We are all in the same boat and we all support one another. I guess you could say we are like one big family, well I consider them family anyway. They are always there to talk to, no matter what it is about. When we see each other, if someone isn’t in the best of moods we usually all try to cheer that one person up. I love the atmosphere, its one of my favourite places to be and one group of my favourite people to be around.

It’s really cool because we all come together if someone needs cheering up or making smile. As well as having a wicked team supporting us, the staff are amazing, they truly are the best. They help cheer us up when we are down, support us, give us genuine advice and show us our options within a situation. I am so grateful to have met them, they truly do deserve the recognition for it because I don’t believe they get it enough. These amazing people have given so much and I have seen the difference that they make in so many lives. My aim in life is to be just like them which is 15666281_1201030623298495_1734404171_nwhy I am taking the courses that I am so that I can get there.

The Christmas party was really fun, I really enjoyed it.

On the Tuesday and Wednesday I then went and volunteered at two more Young Carers Christmas parties, it was so much fun! Being able to make them smile and enjoy themselves was awesome, I love being able to do that! Although, I’m pretty sure, they were only laughing because of my awful dancing, but hey, I know I’m awful at dancing and its fun to make people laugh!

I know this is short, but I just wanted to show my appreciation for the Young Carers that I have met and the Young Carers team. The fact that they are there for me when I need them most really does mean the world to me, they are truly amazing! So I thought I’d write about them, they know who they are! Thank you so much for supporting me!

Okay, so I know this is short but then again its “short but sweet.” I just really wanted to show my appreciation for those people. Thank you so much! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and there may be a new blog post up on Thursday (two in one week, whoop whoop!). Have a lovely week and remember to keep smiling. Much love – Alison xx

The positive outcome of telling a teacher about bullying…

484265145Hey guys! So this week I’m posting on a Saturday instead. Yesterday was finally the last day of school for the holidays and I’m so excited! I’ve had such a decent last week of school, it’s not been 100%, but it hasn’t been too bad. This week I want to talk about a teacher who helped me a lot recently, I couldn’t be more grateful for him.

Okay, so on Thursday last week I just had enough. I started my day by listening to Christmas songs because I was organising music for a young persons Christmas party, so I had to make sure that the 3 hours of Christmas music had no rude songs in it, as when that happened a few years ago it was a nightmare. What better way to start the day, I was in such a good mood. I thought it was going to be a good day.

Now here is what has been happening, for the past two (I want to say two, not really sure if it is more) months, I have been getting a group of boys say little comments here and there. I want to say that the reason this has all been happening was because my friend said something to them that she was in the right to say, they were somewhere they shouldn’t have been so she was 100% right to tell them they shouldn’t be there. I was right next to her, so I guess that’s the reason that this started but I’m not sure.

It’s not like this is the first time I have had trouble from them, in fact, around this time last year I was having food thrown at me, being called horrible names and having people pushed into me on purpose by the exact same boys. I wrote a post about it in July to recap what happened, which you can check out here:

It took me ages to find because I couldn’t remember what I called it but when I finally read11 it, I realised that it’s the same boys that I was talking about and that kind of really annoyed me, I was reassured that it wouldn’t happen, of course I knew that it probably would, but I was just looking on the positive side hoping that it wouldn’t.

So on my way walking to form, I saw them in a big group, there’s no way I could have gone a different way so I didn’t need to walk past them, I definitely had to go that way and even if I was to take a different route, eventually I would still walk past them (I’m not quite sure if that makes sense or not…)

Anyways, as I was walking towards them to go where I needed to go they started to stare at me and nudge each other, this made me feel really anxious. I saw that one of them started to back his mate up in my direction so I tried to move myself out of their way so I didn’t walk into them. But as I done this they moved faster and he pushed his friend into me, it 22nearly made me drop my phone… I just looked at them and tried to keep walking but one of them said, “Are you really going to take that Alison?”, its like he was challenging me to say something or doing something back, to retaliate. I just replied with, “Shut up and leave me alone.” They said something back but I didn’t hear it because I already put my headphones back in so it was muffled.

Walking to form I realised that I had enough, I just really wanted to go home but I knew I couldn’t so I stayed the entire day and tried to not let it get to me.

Some people reading this may be thinking, “It’s not a big thing, why are you writing about this? It’s not a big deal.”, and yes if this was just a one-off I would have left it. But for the past two months they have been waiting outside the building that I go to quite a lot during a school day. They wait outside, I don’t know what for but when I walk past they stare, say something or laugh and I don’t know why. It’s really intimidating and it’s not nice to have to put up with15419354_1191049894296568_1511684917_o every single day.

When they were in this building that I’m talking about, they were speaking to a teacher, I was with my friend and we had to walk past them. I just kept my head down and walked past them ignoring them but when we sat down, she asked me if they were laughing at me, because I had ignored them I didn’t notice but this still really bothered me.

So that’s what happened, it made me feel anxious and I got quite upset by it, I’m not going to lie. I didn’t want to go to school.

Here’s what happened… My dad emailed the teacher that I go to when I have a problem, he sorts out anything bad that is happening and generally makes my day ten times better. His attitude towards bullying and all the students in the school is so lovely, he cares so much about everyone and it’s just so amazing to have a teacher like that in the school!

Less than two hours later of my dad emailing this teacher, telling him what was going on, I got asked to go to his office for a chat. We spoke about what had been happening and how long it had gone on for. I told him that if I wasn’t as stressed as I am with A Levels then it wouldn’t have bothered me as much, he understood this. Which meant a lot to me, I know that everyone is stressed but a lot of people know how to deal with the stress whereas I don’t… I do, it just doesn’t work… Make sense?

When sat in his office he asked me what I wanted to do, I decided that I wanted to do the same thing as last time and sit in the office with them to talk. It helps, I know that may seem crazy but it really does help. Getting to ask them why they did what they did really does help me and I wish I could have had the chance to do that a very long time ago but I didn’t tell anyone.

That’s my main point about this blog post, it takes one great teacher to help make the bullying stop. All you have to do is tell them, I know that sounds daunting and like it probably wont help but trust me it does, if you find a teacher that is passionate about helping people then I really do think that the bullying could stop.

Being in the same room with those boys was quite scary, I’m being honest, even though they are younger than be it really is quite scary, but I got my answers and that’s the main thing. It meant ever so much to me. It made me feel happier, more confident, like I didn’t have to keep my head down anymore. It made me feel so much better and on Thursday I was able to walk around with my head held high.

I am so grateful for what that teacher done for me, for him to make it possible for me to talk to them in a controlled environment. It means ever so much. There aren’t very many teachers like him, not many that I have met have cared enough to make things like this possible, so to be able to do this means a lot. I know he wont see this but I still want to say thank you, thank you for making my walks round school easier, for making it easier for me to walk around with my head held high, for supporting me in general, because it honestly does mean a lot. There aren’t a lot of teachers like him, he truly is awesome.

I also want to say thank you to the friends that supported me through this, it means a lot, you know who you are. Also a big thank you to my amazing dad as ever for just helping me and supporting me like usual. I love you.

If you are being bullied, please tell someone, I know you may not want to but it really could make a difference. Don’t suffer in silence, tell someone!

Okay, so here it is. It’s almost a week until Christmas, I hope you all have a great one! Thank you for all the support and there will be a new blog post sometime next week! Keep positive, stay strong and keep smiling.  Much love – Alison xx

Trying to overcome obstacles…

Hey guys, so this week I’m writing on a Friday instead of a Thursday, soon it will be prettyhbib.jpg clear why I have. But for the time being I want to talk about obstacles, about how they get in the way and how to overcome them. Hope this helps at least one person.

Here goes…

So if you know me, you will know that I love listening to public speakers, especially when its something inspiring that they are talking about. I just love listening to them, I don’t know what it is, I just do. I wouldn’t mind speaking in front of people if it was something I wanted to speak about, something I was passionate about. But if it’s not and its a school protect or something then I really do struggle to talk in front of people, especially people I don’t know.

Today I had to speak in front of a class for a school project, it was something that I HAD to do, ever since being told that I had to do it I was so nervous, it wasn’t something that I would have the option not to do. I’m not speaking as if a lot of people weren’t nervous cause so many people were, but I didn’t know how I would handle it. I would say I’m quite shy, if you don’t know me personally, I come across as shy, that’s what I have been told anyway.

An hour before I had to speak in front of this class, I started to panic, my friend that was doing it with me started to notice and tried to make me feel better about it. I got a lot of text messages reminding me to breathe. As I have said before, when I start to panic I forget to breath which is really weird considering its something that you have to do in life, I just forget how to do it. Don’t ask me how because I don’t know how.

Nervous was an understatement, as we stood at the front of the class, I wanted to do my best as it wouldn’t just affect me, it would affect one of my best friends as well. I rushed through talking about the first thing, I know I did because she looked at me and asked me if I was okay. I tend to do that, if I’m panicking with public speaking I rush through it… But the second time, when it was my time to speak again I got through it and as it went on I felt a little tiny bit more comfortable.

Its nerve-racking, speaking in front of people but I done it and I felt better afterwards. An hour or two after I had done the public speaking I felt better about it, kind of proud of myself. Not going to lie, I think I done well for how nervous I was. We did well.

I feel like I have kind of overcome an obstacle, hence the title of this post. I mean, if I had to do it again, then yes, I would still be nervous but I guess it really does take practice to eventually, 100% overcome obstacles like this.

Obstacles – A thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.

Obstacles can really set a person back with what they want to accomplish, so in this blog post I’m going to share 5 of my main tips that I use.

  1. BREATHE - Make sure to take deep breaths, it helps calm the nerves
  2. Don't ever give up!
  3. Focus on the positives instead of the negatives...
  4. Talk to someone - tell them how you feel, they may be able to help
  5. Stay motivated to overcome your obstacle

Okay… So here it is, I hope this has helped at least one person, that is the goal. That’s it for this blog post, it took me a long time to write this one but here it is – posted a little later than I planned but here it is! Thank you for taking the time to read this. There will be a new blog post up next Thursday as usual! Have hope, stay strong, keep smiling and have a great week! Remember not to settle for any less than you deserve! Much love – Alison xx

Christmas Tag 2016

Hey guys! So as it is the 1st December, I thought I’d do a Christmas tag! It sounds exciting,tumblr_nfx1rgkimr1sfku6po1_500 enjoy!

  1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
    Oh, there are so many! Elf, The Polar Express, Jingle all the way, The Holiday, Love Actually, I could go on forever. There are so many brilliant ones!
  2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
    Christmas morning, I don’t really understand this whole thing about opening them on Christmas Eve.
  3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
    Every Christmas is my favourite memory, I love watching my brothers face as he unwraps his presents.
  4. Favourite festive food?
    It’s got to be the roast potato’s!
  5. Favourite Christmas gift?
    Every book I have ever been brought for Christmas, haha
  6. Favourite Christmas scent?
    You know when your sat around the dining table and all the food is in front of you and there are like a mix of smells..? That scent.
  7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
    Seeing how many Christmas films we can watch in the space of 24 hours seems to be a big tradition in our house, is that even a tradition or just something that most people do?
  8. What tops your tree?
    A star, it’s always so pretty!
  9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you asked for but never received?
    Not that I’m ungrateful or anything, not at all, but when I was about 8 I wanted a unicorn. Not a toy one, a real one. As Toys-R-Us didn’t seem to sell those, my dad brought me a toy unicorn… The next best thing!
  10. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?
    Being together with family, it’s the best part about it no matter what. Getting to spend hours on end with people who I don’t often see is great!
  11. What is your favourite Christmas song?
    Seems a bit cliché but “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” I mean who doesn’t like that song? It gets really annoying by the end of December but after 12 months of not hearing it, its great again!
  12. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?
    Rudolph, Prancer, Dancer… Nope… I used to be able to, it was like a competition to see who could remember all of them, ha! Oh, how times have changed.
  13. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?
    100% honesty, I love giving gifts. If I have put a lot of effort into thinking what I’m getting someone and then finally get it for them, I get really excited. I love seeing their face as they unwrap the present, it makes me so happy!
  14. Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?
    I fail miserably, if you have ever got a present from me, you will know just how bad my wrapping is. I use so much sellotape, although most of the time it’s so I can have a bit of a giggle with the person trying to open it.
  15. Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?
    I always end up making New Years resolutions, I stick to some of them but not all. They seem impossible to keep up.
  16. If you could only buy one person a present this year, who would it be?
    My brother (Sorry, not really that sorry to be honest).
  17. Have you ever built a Gingerbread house?
    Yes! We made so much mess it was unreal, but it was so fun to do! If you’ve never made one I would really recommend it, it doesn’t matter how old you are, they are so fun!
  18. Candy Canes or Gingerbread Men?
    Gingerbread Men all the way! Candy Canes are okay, they look pretty but that’s about it.
  19. What’s your Favourite Christmas Color?bqjnekyexot4brdrsc9fksjtyi8
  20. Have you ever built a snowman?
    Yes, it was so much fun! We always try to build one whenever it snows, they are so funny to build.

Okay, so here it is, my Christmas Tag! Hope you enjoyed and maybe even got to know a little more about me! If you like you could give your answers to some of the questions below? It would be interesting to know more about you guys. I know it’s not really what I usually post but I thought I’d do something new! New blog post next Thursday! Have a lovely week and keep smiling! The Christmas holidays will be here before you know it! Much love – Alison xx