My birthday / Going back to school tips

So today I went back to school, it was my first day of sixth form but it’s also my birthday. Today there was only an assembly and it was time to get our timetables but I was so nervous as to what people would say, especially since we get to wear our own clothes and I know some people judge others on what people wear (Which you shouldn’t but people do it anyway *sigh*). Surprisingly, I had a really good day, loads of people said happy birthday to me and I was smiling all day. Since I’ve experienced this today I think I’m actually going to like it at the sixth form, everyone seems so different to last year (In a good way!!).

Any way’s there’s my little update.

I thought for this blog post that it’d be a good idea to write some tips for going back to school, whether you’re just starting a new school or going into a new year or even if you’re starting a new school / college. It’s important that you enjoy your time at school, I think that if I enjoyed my time in school from year 7 – year 11 I’d be a different person, I would be confident and I wouldn’t have half the insecurities that I do, that’s what I think anyway but whether that would of happened or not is a mystery that I’ll never know the answer to.

I’ve decided that I’m going to try and enjoy my time in the sixth form, I don’t see the point if I’m just going to be miserable, the plan is to not let anyone get to me and to try and become more confident with myself as a person so that I can succeed and get the grades I want and do what I want in the future.

My 10 tips for going back to school:

  1. I know that school can sometimes be tough but try and stay positive. If you start stressing out, take a ten minute break and then try again, school is not worth stressing about, yes school is important but it’s not worth stressing out 24/7 over it. if you need help ask someone. Don’t keep anything to yourself and try your best!
  2. If you’re being bullied or know someone who is, please don’t keep it to yourself, I know you think it’s a bad idea to tell someone in case things get worse but trust me, it will be worth it, school will become easier for you to face once the bullying is over. I’ve gone through it and I always use to keep it to myself because I didn’t want to make things worse but it’s not healthy, it’s worth telling someone to see where things lead to, school could be a better place for you if you do tell someone.
  3. Work hard. Remember, what you put in is what you will get out. Good things come to those who work hard for what they want.
  4. Make sure to have a goal for yourself, whether the goal is to read 5 books by the end of term or to make sure all your homework is complete so that you can have free time, it’s still a goal and it may be worth having a goal, it might make things easier.
  5. Organise yourself the night before so that there isn’t a massive panic in the morning.
  6. Have a workspace at home so that you can organise all your things so that everything isn’t as complicated.
  7. Try and be confident within yourself to speak out. I’ve always been very quiet and shy when it comes to being in a classroom but be confident, it may help your confidence outside of the classroom too!
  8. If you are someone who likes to help others and you notice someone that is shy and won’t speak to anyone, try and talk to them, it might make their day and who knows, you might help someone!
  9. Make sure you don’t skip lessons (Even the boring ones) – there have been times when I have wanted to skip certain lessons because of bullying or because I don’t like who’s in the class but I have never actually skipped a class, I guess I was too scared of the consequences, but if you don’t get on with who’s in that class or maybe your being bullied by someone, talk to the teacher, they might be able to help.
  10. And finally, try and enjoy your time at school (I know, I know, it sounds stupid) but I wish I could look back and say that I enjoyed school. Thing is, I really like learning new things so lessons were really interesting to me (Not all of them) – but I wish I could say that I enjoyed school, I didn’t because of the bullying, I had my ups and downs like everyone but I always got brought back up by my friends. It’s always a good thing to surround yourself with good people who you know will have your back. School should be enjoyable. I don’t mean the lessons (kind of do) but I also mean the atmosphere as well.

I hope this has helped at least one person while reading this. Thank you for all the birthday messages and support from this blog, it means a lot. There should be a new blog post up next week (Check my social media for updates if you like the idea of what I’m doing (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)). Thanks for reading. Much love. – Alison xx