How to deal with bullies.

So following up from Monday’s post, I’ve been asked to write about what to do if you are experiencing bullying in any-way. Make sure you tell someone and if they don’t listen carry on telling them and other people until they listen, speak up and be heard, make sure you take a stand! Tell a adult, tell a friend, tell a family member, just tell someone. They will help you. They’ll make sure your okay and that it is sorted out, if your in the same sort of situation as me and it takes a while for it to be sorted just make sure you keep digging. Don’t worry about how annoying you are, just carry on telling someone and in the end it will be sorted, I promise you it will. If you are being cyber-bullied, screenshot it, block it and report it. That way they can’t message you or send you anything Smile make sure you tell someone though. If you are being bullied in any way make sure you tell someone!

Keep smiling  because your amazing! Just remember they’re only bullying you because their jealous! Stay positive Smile

– Alison xx


Why do bullies bully? What has the person that gets bullied done wrong? I often seem to ask myself these questions and many more questions. The answer is simple – It is often because the bully is insecure about themselves so they pick at other people to see what’s wrong with them, so that their insecurities get picked out and then the bullies insecurities don’t get noticed. It’s almost as if the bullies use other people to mask the real them. The person that gets bullied does nothing wrong, the bully is either jealous or insecure. You haven’t done anything wrong so PLEASE don’t think you have. Your amazing, don’t forget that.

The reason I’m writing this post is because today I got bullied, again. As most people know I love to ride my bike. People also know I’m not one of the skinniest girls in my school and I’m okay with that, sometimes. I used to get told that it’s a good thing that I’m not skinny because people love me for me, I used to believe that but then I think about it and I think about how if people love me for me then why do I get bullied. I guess it is right and you can’t please everyone you meet. But why are people so horrible about it? I really don’t understand the human brain. What human being thinks it is okay to bully other people? Upset everyone around them? Make people feel rubbish about themselves? I really don’t understand it.

It’s a Monday. Way to go, state the obvious Alison. Usually on a Monday I go into school feeling positive and happy, I know that’s a bit weird because as human beings we’re all meant to hate Monday’s but usually I enjoy them. It’s the start of a new week, 7 days of a fresh slate. You have all week to explore, or in my case go to school and learn something new, I love it.

Today was different…Actually today was okay, I enjoyed today and then it got to going home, usually I’m okay and really happy but some year 9’s  decided to have a go. They were chucking stones at me down this ally I have to walk down, I just ignored it, thinking that if they thought I didn’t notice they would stop, but I was wrong, they carried on down the whole ally. I waited at the bottom of the ally for my friends and my brother, I noticed the year 9’s waiting for me. They walked down the path a bit and then stopped, waiting. They formed a line across the road so I couldn’t get passed. (The road doesn’t get used very often in case you were wondering why they were stood in the middle of the road). They done this all the way down the road until we got to the main road, I even said excuse me and they wouldn’t move, they just laughed at me, I thought it was quite polite to be honest, anyone else would’ve had a go at them but I didn’t.

I went up onto the path and waited for my friend, one of the boys that were with the group of year 9’s decided to stand near me and laugh at me. I said to him, “I hope your finding this amusing ‘cause it’s quite funny seeing that people have so much spare time that the only thing they can do is pick on others. I hope your proud of yourself, all you are is a pathetic bully.”

People often laugh when I say things back but I know I’m right. Sometimes they don’t know what to say back though. This time was different though, the boy sort of just stared at me for a few seconds until he said, “It’s pathetic how you don’t try weight watchers”.

I find it quite stupid how people can only comment on my weight though. Can they not think of anything else to say? I mean, they do, it’s not always about my weight but I just don’t understand how they can still be happy with themselves even though they bully others.

It’s like they don’t think before they speak, it’s either that or they don’t care. Which quite frankly is sad and pathetic. Although I suppose it might be their way for them to reach out for help, but it’s not the right way to do it. You don’t know what that person is going through and it might really hurt them, you don’t know the effect you might have on that person. It annoys me, people don’t think before they speak and then we don’t know where that ends up.

Words can end or save lives, so be kind, think before you speak, ‘cause I know just as well as you do that no one wants to be the reason for someone to end their life.

There might possibly be two updates this week, this one and another one on Thursday. I don’t really know when I’ll update. I know for sure there will always be one up on a Thursday but if something happens before a Thursday I might write about it.

Just a reminder that you guys are awesome! Thank you for all the support I’ve been getting with the blog and also with the bullying that’s happening. Also thank you for the emails and the Facebook message’s, it means a lot. I have wrote down all the topics that I have been asked to write about and I’ve put them in a jar, each week I’ll pick out a topic and write about it Smile

Hope you’re all well. Keep smiling and stay strong.

Much love

– Alison xx