To all the boys that have ever asked me out on April Fools Day (I hope you achieved what you wanted to)

Hey guys, apologies for not posting for a while, everything has been so busy! Note to self: It’s really difficult to get a challenge done and dusted, complete coursework and attempt to write blog posts for a certain time and day. But my challenge is now over! I didn’t feel like this needed a separate blog post as I have already written about it enough and spammed all my social media for the whole of March (I would say sorry – but I’m not really sorry).

In March I had to do 10,000 steps a day, so for 31 days that would have been 310,000 steps, but I did 364,559 steps – considering people said they didn’t think I’d be able to do it and the fact that I did makes me extremely proud of myself. I had a goal to raise £100 and I raised £110 and £18.75 in Gift Aid. So thank you to everyone that donated, to everyone that supported me and told me I could do it. Thank you to everyone that went on walks with me to get the steps in (Mainly my dad and my brother, but the girls from college too (Your great)). I did it!!!

Okay, so here’s the real reason I’m writing a post today. Today is April Fools Day, possibly the worst day of the year (I hate it, I really do). But the other day, I wrote a (Sort of) poem and so I’m sharing it on here, because why not.

So here goes…

To all the boys that have ever asked me out on April Fools Day (I hope you achieved what you wanted to)

I don’t hate you, some might think I do,

But I pity you, I feel so sorry for you,

You had to make me look like a fool to make people like you,

You had to make a joke out of me, in front of everyone, to get people to like you,

I hated it, I hated you,

And for every April Fools Day after that, I no longer went to school,

I was “sick” every single year, no one caught on that the day was the reason why.

“Alison, I really like you, will you go out with me?”

I was always a little slow with catching on.

I was the joke.

April Fools Day is always the day for when jokes come out the most,

For when pranks were pulled.

I didn’t appreciate being your joke.

But as I said before and I’ll say it again,

I don’t hate you, people think I might do,

But you taught me something that I needed to learn.

Not everyone is going to be kind, not everyone is going to stick up for you.

You did have an impact though,

I’m now weary, probably more than I should be,

Compliments are hard to accept, as they might be a joke, right?

My phone ends up being turned off every April Fools Day,

If not turned off, only certain people get their messages opened.

It really shouldn’t be like that.

I lost a lot of friends because of this horrible day of the year,

They learnt that when they hang round with me, they get asked out too,

And why would anyone want to hang around with the girl who gets jokes turned onto you too? They wouldn’t, is the answer.

So this is for all the girls that have ever been asked out as a joke,

This is for all the girls whose hearts have broken, realising that they are the joke,

This is for all the girls that have been impacted by cruel boys who just want to be cool.

It happens more than people think.

It happened to me 3 times in a day once, in person,

It then happened when I got home over social media,

I didn’t go in for a few days after that, I just needed to escape,

It happens more than people think,

It happens in lessons, you can hear the whispers before you get asked and the giggles after,

And all you can do, once you realise it’s a joke is turn back around,

Just to get asked again.

It’s not a joke, I’m not a joke, and what you did wasn’t nice.

It was torture, an hour lesson of being poked in the back,

Just so you could get your answer?

Shy me told you to leave me alone, to just shut up,

Shy me said yes once, all because I was told by a “friend” that it wasn’t a joke,

Shy me had to sit and hide from those that I knew would ask,

Hours sat hiding away in the toilets,

Hours sat hiding away behind the book shelves in the library.

The person I am now?

The person I am now would tell you to pack it in,

To leave me and any other girl that you have asked alone.

The person I am now, would call you out,

Would tell you that you’re a joke,

Would tell you that you didn’t need to make me or any other girl the joke to be “cool”.


Did you achieve what you needed to? Probably not.

Are you cool now? Not in my eyes.

Did you make a big enough fool of yourself for everyone to remember for years to come? Yeah.


People say that over time, people do change and mature,

I really do hope that is the case and maybe one day, when you have a daughter,

You will understand how much hurt you caused,

I would not wish it on anyone, but it may happen,

Then when she comes home crying, telling you what happened,

Maybe, just maybe, you will start to understand the hurt you really inflicted upon others,

I wonder, will it still be a joke then?


Happy April Fools Day to all the boys that have ever asked girls out as a joke.

The real fool is you.

People change over time, they look different, they become different people,

In years to come you will realise that you missed your opportunity,

People remember things, I sure will and so will a lot of girls.

So next time you want to make a joke out of someone, think before you speak.

Making a joke out of someone does not make you cool,

Happy April Fools Day you fool.

Okay, so that’s it. I feel like I needed to write about this. It’s not really spoken about and I think it should be. I know full well that I am not the only girl who this has happened to. It is downright cruel. I’m pretty sure it still happens too. But it shouldn’t. No girl should have to think bad about themselves just because some jerk decided he wants to be cool. It shouldn’t happen and to some people, it really isn’t a joke. It can open up old wounds and start off a load of thoughts about themselves. It causes self-esteem problems. Often when people do speak about it, they get the casual answer of “it’s just a bit of banter”.

To those that read this and think that I didn’t need to write about this, I did and chances are, the reason you think that is probably because you may have done this to someone else. Most of the time, when I get comments or messages saying I didn’t need to write about something, it’s usually because they have done it in the past.

So that’s it for this week – Until next time. Keep smiling, stay strong and don’t be scared to speak up about things like this, it needs to be heard! Much love – Ally xx