Up Your Friendly!!!

I found a awesome new way to make the world a better place, there is a new campaign called Up Your Friendly by the Parkinson’s charity and I think it’d be a good idea for everyone to have a look. There is a link below to the Youtube video and to the website, have a look and check it out because I think this is such a good idea. If everyone was nice all the time then there would be a better vibe! Have a nice day!image




Good luck with your exams!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone good luck with their exams, whether it’s your GCSE’s,  A Level’s, or any other exams, good luck to all of you! If you are being bullied please tell someone, because trust me, doing exams and getting bullied at the same time causes more stress and therefore you are less likely to get the grades you want. From experience I learnt that I need to tell people if I’m being bullied. Late last year I was being bullied for three weeks straight by a group that went to my school and then when it came to my mocks they said horrible things to me before the mock exams and I messed up. I know what your thinking, “there just mocks, ignore the people that say things to you”, but it’s not as simple as that. Mock grades don’t really mean anything, that’s why there called Mocks, but they are important at the same time, the mocks are like practice for the real exams and if I did well in my mocks it could of helped me improve where I am now, but obviously I can’t do anything about it now. I also had to use my mock grades to apply for the sixth forms and colleges I was thinking about going to after I finish Year 11, the grades that I got made it look awful! So I really do regret not telling people what was happening.

It wasn’t just me getting bullied, my brother was getting bullied as well and that really affects me, me and my brother are really close and anything that upsets him, upsets me so I try to stop it. I didn’t tell anyone and I let it all build up, I had to revise for my mocks, deal with my bullying and my brothers and then on top of that I was overthinking, all of this caused so much stress.

Good luck with your exams though, just remember to try your best!!! As long as you try your best nothing else matters, good luck!

– Alison xx