If you care, PLEASE sign this petition: Anti Bullying – WE NEED YOUR HELP! *TRIGGER WARNING*

Hey guys, so here’s a little side note from what I usually post. I was emailed a petition that spoke volumes to me so I just needed to share it as I know a lot of people will agree with this.

Link to the petition site HERE!

Title: Ban apps like Sarahah where my daughter was told to “KILL HERSELF”


“I have been scared, broken and sick to my stomach ever since I read messages about my 13-year-old daughter including, “I hope SHE KILLS HERSELF. Seriously nobody will care”. No one, especially our youth, should have to read messages like this about them.

These messages were sent through an app called Sarahah, which can be downloaded for free on both the App Store and on Google Play. Sarahah is an app where people can make anonymous accounts and send anonymous messages to and about others.

Because of the anonymous nature of the app, Sarahah has become what users describe as “an app breeding suicides” and “a breeding ground for hate”.

My daughter and I have been shattered by this app, and tragically another teenager, in the UK, was found hanged early in 2017 after allegedly being bullied on a similar app called Sayat.Me, which was shut down in May.

Both the App Store and Google Play have policies against apps that facilitate bullying, harassment or self-harm. Why then is Sarahah still available on these platforms?

No parent can stomach this abuse of their children and I cannot even imagine losing my beautiful, sweet girl to suicide. This is why we need to protect our children.

I read an article on ‘Dolly’, a 14-year-old, who after so much bullying, took her life just after the New Year. Dolly felt that her only way out was suicide.

I do not want my daughter or any other to become the next Dolly.

App Store and Google Play – help us protect our most vulnerable and ban bullying apps like Sarahah now.”

I wrote about the Sarahah app in July 2017, you can read that blog post HERE. But for those that don’t have time to read it or just don’t want to read it; it was basically about one of my friends getting sent hate on the Sarahah app. The hate was really bad, I was honestly shocked by it.

For those that don’t know (I doubt that people don’t know, but) Sarahah is an app like ASK.FM where people can post what they want about you, ask questions (etc) anonymously.

The people that create these apps might have a good reason behind it and might think that the way they want it to be used might actually happen, but more often than not, that is not the case.

I have been sent hate on ASK.FM, I have been sent hate on apps that don’t even make the person anonymous, I know a lot of people that have been sent hate through apps like ASK.FM and Sarahah, THE OUTCOME OF IT ISN’T NICE. That’s why after everything, I decided it would be a bad idea if I got involved with Sarahah, so I watched from a distance and added my input whenever someone had been sent hate and started to believe it.

I honestly do think that if  ASK.FM, Sarahah and other apps that are similar weren’t created that maybe, just maybe, the bullying wouldn’t be as bad. In my mind, I know that it probably still would have been, but maybe not anonymous. I don’t know, I just feel that if it wasn’t around to turn teenagers world’s (and mental health) upside down that maybe teenagers wouldn’t be as insecure or have as many trust issues as they do.

I know that once receiving anonymous messages I had a whole load of trust issues, wondering who wrote those horrible things, were the messages by friends? Who wrote them? It leaves people wondering and overthinking – causing a whole load of problems.

So here is why I’m sharing this with you, I have signed the petition and I BELIEVE that a lot of people should and might do after reading this. I just needed to share this so that this girls mum is heard loud and clear. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below, don’t forget to sign the petition (LINK IS AT THE TOP OF THE BLOG POST) if you agree. HELP BE THE REASON that another generation doesn’t have to go through the overthinking and wondering.

This means so much to me, as I think you can tell (Colours have changed, so has the boldness, etc, etc), it really is so important that this is signed so that lives are changed and quite frankly saved. Many thanks. Much love – Ally xx

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