“You shouldn’t have anything to do with her, she’s bad news”

Hey guys, so today is one of my best friends birthday’s! In honour of her birthday I’m writing this because I can never really thank her enough, nothing I do will ever be what she deserves – Quite frankly she deserves the world but since I can’t give her that she’s stuck with me going on about how great she is – Sorry Chloe (Not really that sorry!).

So the quote above is what my dad got told in primary school. Mothers usually end up having “mothers meetings” in the playground, discussing what’s going on around and in the school, other parents and children, who their kids are allowed to hang round with and who they aren’t (Kind of bitchy, I know). Judgemental mothers meetings.

I’m not saying all mums or parents are like this – Clearly they’re not, but when my dad used to drop me off and pick me up from primary school, he would get called over to talk to these mothers.

When they saw that I was talking to dear Chloe, they told my dad that I should stay away from her as she is “bad news”.

My dad being who he is, didn’t listen to them and I carried on talking to her.

A few months later she saved my brother’s life, I won’t go into detail with this as its personal, but that’s all I’m going to say. I will be forever grateful for what she done. I don’t know what I’d do without my brother or her.

After I found out what she done, she was put on the highest pedestal in my books, like she deserves to be.


We have now been the best of friends for over 10 years.

What I’m trying to say is, if my dad had of listened, I probably wouldn’t have a great friend. I wouldn’t have had the inspiration I needed growing up, I wouldn’t have had the experiences or made the friends that I have.

All those kids missed out because of their mothers judging a book by its cover – because of the rumours that they heard. They have missed out on a lot. I mean, they wouldn’t have had the experiences that I have had and that is a real shame (No sarcasm intended) – Everyone needs a friend like Chloe. Everyone.

They wouldn’t have had the confidence boosts or the support from her family, made the friends through introductions from her, they wouldn’t have had the inside jokes or the closeness that we have – I’m literally able to ask her anything and everything. They may have had these things – obviously – but not from the same person and therefore they missed out.

Talking about support, I’m going to write about something that she once told me and has carried on telling me ever since. I believe that everyone should hear what I’m about to quote at least once in their life. It might seem like a silly quote to some, I know it did at first with me, but everyone needs to hear it.

Okay so here goes, read the following and really think about it:

Think about your lowest point in your life. Something might have happened, something might have gone really wrong. It might even be something small that you think could lead to something disastrous. You message or call your best friend, telling them exactly what has happened, how scared you really are, how upset you are, how worried you are. You tell her about your worries – what you think it might lead to. You tell her about how you want to give up, about how you don’t see life going right anytime soon, about how if you quit now the blow might not be so bad. If you stick with what you’re doing then it might get worse…

And then you receive the following:

“There’s always light at the end of the tunnel…”

I know what you must be thinking right now, “Alison you have just described the worst possible thing, that sentence is not going to solve all your worries” – I get it, really I do. In your worst possible situation (And trust me I have had a few), it does not seem like something that helps but really it is.

Think about it, you’re in the tunnel, a problem has just hit you like a truck, you have two choices you can walk back out get out of the tunnel – but you will still have to walk through this tunnel to get through this situation, so really, if you want to get where you want to be in life you have to walk through this tunnel. The tunnel may seem like the


 longest thing ever, but its okay because eventually you will get out of this tunnel. You will eventually see the light at the end of this tunnel and realise that you are almost there. The tunnel may be the longest or shortest thing ever but its okay, you will get through this, I believe in you.

I went from thinking that it’s a really stupid thing to say, to thinking about how great it is, to repeating it to others in their time of need. The saying has now become my “go to” when thinking about my worries or helping other people with theirs.

So when something seems like the end of the world or is going badly for you or someone else, think about this quote or simply say it to someone else, they will understand eventually, trust me. I did and it really helps.

Another thing that kids have missed out on is hearing that quote, all because they judged a book by its cover.

So here’s my appreciation post for one of my closest best friends, your amazing Chloe and I know I have already said it but happy birthday! I hope your day is filled with joy and everything you want and deserve. Everyone needs a friend like you and I’m glad I met you. Love you lots xxx

Okay, so here’s the end of this very long post, it had to be long – I just have so much to say about this amazing lady, I truly am blessed for having her in my life. If you have met me and we have had a real conversation, you would have heard me at least once (If not more) saying “My friend Chloe…”, “I’m going to introduce you to my mate Chloe, you’ll like her, she’s great!” Considering it’s rare that I say that, you know its true.

I’m already planning my next two blog posts, they should be up within the next week! Have a great weekend, keep smiling and stay strong. Much love – Ally xx