My goal for Christmas was to make everyone smile…

Hey guys! I’m back! I know, I know, its weird, 2 posts in less than 7 days (Woah)! Hope everyone had a great Christmas day (if they celebrate it) and if not, then I hope you had a good day off.

Okay, so in October I started thinking about what I was getting people for Christmas. I didn’t want to buy them something they didn’t particularly want or weren’t going to use, and some people were difficult to buy for. It was a difficult decision. So I decided to write letters, to the people who I knew I would see, to the people who meant a lot to me. I’m not saying that the people that didn’t get letters don’t mean anything to me, I just wasn’t going to see them.

So I wrote 20 letters. Some people got “12 things I love about…” letters, because of the 12 days of Christmas, some people got “25 things I love about…” letters, because of the 25 days of Christmas (Of course).

I used different coloured paper, different coloured envelopes and wrote on each and every envelope that no one could open their envelopes until the 25th December. Every single person that I gave one to asked if they could open it there and then, but I stood my ground and said no. A lot of the replies I got were, “I’ll just open it later when you’re not there”, but I said I’d know if they did, and I was right. I did know when they opened it, everyone opened their envelopes on 25th December or later and as soon as they had read it, I got text messages (etc) about how what I’d written had made them happy.

My goal of the letters was to make them smile even when I wasn’t there, to remind them how much I appreciate them, to remind them that I am grateful of them even if I don’t say it a lot. To remind them that I am always going to be there, no matter what. (Sorry, you can’t get rid of me that easily…)

A week coming up to Christmas, I kept getting pictures and videos of the envelopes showing that they hadn’t been opened, but I already knew. Then on Christmas Eve, I got pictures of the envelopes being under people’s Christmas trees. All of Christmas Eve, I was getting sent a countdown from girls that were going to get to open their envelopes on Christmas day. It was really nice to know that they were excited to open them, it was even more lovely to know that I would make them smile on Christmas Day!

I got told by a lot of people who I made them cry (happy tears) but that it was a lovely idea and a lovely gift, that I had put a smile on their faces, that it was a really sweet idea. That the letters had warmed hearts and made people’s days. I’m literally quoting what I got sent to me…

My whole reason for taking 3 weeks to write these letters was to make people smile so that they knew they were loved and meant a lot to me, and knowing that I did that was probably the best Christmas present I gave and received… So the reason I’m writing about this is to let everyone know that it doesn’t matter whether a present is big or small it’s the thought of it that counts, it’s the smiles and laughs on Christmas day, its how happy that person is when receiving something, even if its something small (Like a letter), its spending time with friends and family. That’s what truly matters. That’s what should matter.

So there it is, I just wanted to write something small about this, it meant more to me than any of the people who received those letters, it meant more than they will ever know.

Edit: Oh and before I really, truly end, my last post that went up on Sunday was my 100th post! That’s crazy! It’s almost been 3 years since I started this blog and I’m on my 101st post! That’s insane. I can’t believe I’ve written that much, I can’t believe two of my favourite people in my life have proofread that many posts. Most of all I can’t believe some people have read that many posts! Thank you so so so much for the support, it means so much to me, more than you can imagine. Knowing this, I thought I’d have a look at how many people are reading my blog, or just genuinely scrolling through. For 3 years, the picture below is mad, that’s crazy, I hadn’t looked at it since Christmas last year when I got excited about 5,000 views and visitors. Thank you so much! I wouldn’t be here, without the people who read this or support me in general, thank you, it means so much!

views visitors

Merry Christmas! Happy Boxing Day (Do people say that on Boxing Day?)! Laugh a lot, smile a lot, make people smile when possible. That’s it from me until next time. Keep smiling. Much love – Ally xx

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