Let’s talk about this new Sahara social media app…

Hey guys, so Friday night I got the motivation to write about something that really bugs me.

Now, if you’re a teenager you’ll probably know about this new Sahara app. For anyone that doesn’t know, “Sahara (Sarahah) is a Social Communication Application to Send or Receive Honest Anonymous Feedback.” It’s basically a copy of Ask.FM. For anyone that doesn’t know what that it is pretty much the same sort of thing. Except for with Ask.FM there was a feed where anyone could see what was written to you and people could choose whether they were anonymous or not when writing a message, you could also choose whether you wanted to reply to these comments as well. With Ask.FM the concept was more to ask questions whereas with this new app it is used to “send or receive honest anonymous feedback.”

A lot of people I know have got this new app and a lot of them are screenshotting what they get sent and putting it up on their Snapchat or Instagram, which is all good and well. It doesn’t bother me. Some of the things being sent to these people are really lovely and it’s all anonymous so you have to try to figure out who sent what, which is kind of fun. I think it’d be a really good idea if that’s how it was used all the time.

However, last night one of my friends screenshotted some hate that they got sent and replied to it on their story.

So here’s what you’re probably thinking – Why are you writing about this? No one cares.

I care.

So my friend got sent a long anonymous message claiming that she is an “overweight fat gay little sh*t who deserves everything that’s happening to her…” That everyone “hates” her, that she’s “annoying and ugly”, that she should go and kill herself so that she does “everyone a favour”. Along with some other personal things that I’m not going to write. It was horrid and NO ONE should have to read that. It really boiled my blood.

Here was my reply when my friend put it up on her Snapchat story. “Don’t listen to whoever that horrible person is. I’m actually shocked, this is horrible. You are loved by so many people, you are hilarious and happy! You make everyone happy even when you’re not feeling 100%. You’re not even fat. Who cares about size anyway? I mean if your happy then do you xxx”

It really bugged me that someone would actually write what they did so I continued to write. It’s the best way for me to get out what I want to say.

I know how she felt and that really angered me, no one deserves to feel rubbish because 7F620462-1898-4222-96A4-7F5B19A28607of some anonymous bully. It bugs me a lot.

“I hate bullies so much. We’re living in a time where E V E R Y O N E should be accepted no matter who / what they are / what they look like. I don’t understand how anyone can hate as much as some people. it makes no sense to me. your hating on someone who personally makes me very happy, like just her/his whole mentality and positivity puts a smile on my face. After having a rubbish day at school I’d go to volunteering and see how positive she was and it WOULDN’T MATTER what had happened at school that day. It just gets me so mad. They’ve done nothing wrong and never hurt anyone. It goes for everyone though, to be honest, no one should be bullied and it really boils my blood. No one should be made to feel worthless or useless or unwanted, it’s just WRONG. I don’t understand how people can’t see that when they say these horrible things. Bullying needs to stop. How many lives do we need to lose before we realise that?!”


“Send me whatever you want. I will never agree to bullying, NEVER. in my mind, it will never be right. I’ve been bullied, I’ve lost people because of bullying. it makes me so mad. if you’re someone who thinks it’s right or just a joke, delete me.”

When Ask.FM first came out, everyone I knew had this app, so I got it too, thinking that it would be a bit of fun. Sometimes it was, I’d get funny messages from friends and have to guess who it was from, which was all good and well. But when there’s something positive there always seems to be something negative right behind it.

I got sent hate, I was sent horrible things by people in my year and a few people who didn’t even know me personally, it was just for their amusement. Speaking out about it a few years later a few of my so-called “friends” said that they had sent some of the horrible messages. That ruined me. I thought I had a good group of people behind me, supporting me through whatever came my way. I never thought that they would be the ones to cause the upset. The best part of their honesty? They said it was just a joke and had hoped that it hadn’t affected me much, although they already knew that it had affected me a lot.

The amount of school I missed due to being sent hate was unreal, I didn’t want to leave the house let alone go to school and sit with people or even see people who had been sending me hate. Who would want to do that?

I got told to go kill myself a lot, that was one of the most popular things said to me. The other most common comment was that people were calling me fat. I’d been told to go get hit by vehicles – the comment related to two accidents I had in the past. I’d been sent the most horrible things, you name it and it was probably in my feed. As Ask.FM had a profile for each person where people could see what was sent to them, everyone could see what people had been saying to me and because of this, some people fed off it and sent me more hate.

My point of this post? Don’t say things to people who you wouldn’t want to be sent to you.

Typically the people who sent me hate and to the person that sent my friend hate, they’re all cowards. Keyboard warriors if you like. (A keyboard warrior is a person who makes abusive or aggressive posts on the Internet, typically one who conceals their true identity). They don’t have the guts to say something to someone’s face and that is actually quite sad, in fact, I feel sorry for them. They have to feed their ego off of making people feel like rubbish without using their true identity. Kind of sad if you ask me.

Okay, so to sum this post up. Be kind, treat people how you want to be treated. Don’t send people abuse online, don’t be a keyboard warrior. There is no need for bullies in this world and quite frankly if you are sending hate over a phone or a laptop, you’re one of the worst kinds of bullies, a cyber bully.

Think about it this way, before you press send. Would you want your little brother or little sister to read that to themselves and then feel useless or rubbish about themselves? I’m hoping your answer is no, in which case, don’t send hate to someone online.

You are all wonderful and amazing human beings who don’t deserve to be sent hate or feel rubbish about themselves because of someone who feels that about themselves. Why do you deserve to feel the raft of someone else’s pain? The truth is you don’t!

So that’s it for this blog post. Hope you enjoyed reading, share this post if you agree (maybe, up to you :)). Have a good week, be kind and don’t spread hate. Behave towards others how you would want your younger siblings to be treated. Much love – Ally xx

13 thoughts on “Let’s talk about this new Sahara social media app…

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  2. I downloaded it to try it because i heard so many good things. Until i had somebody threaten to kill me and my baby and wishing death on my baby. Im still pregnant. I deleted it right away. nobody should have this app.


  3. I dont condone bullying in any way but if you’re gonna open up an app like this then be ready and prepared to hear the absolute worse! And if you do hear some bad stuff don’t go ranting crying about how evil and mean people are! You chose to open yourself to this nowndeal with it! No need to publicize it afterwards.

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