Final Day of Little Heath School after 7 years!

Hey guys, so today was my last official day of Little Heath School, I have 4 more exams18721066_1363148933753329_745140083_o and then I am finished, I will only have to go back to school twice more after that to collect my results. The thought of that makes me so happy! I am currently writing this while sat in a pub with 3 of my best mates. Although by the time I post this I will probably be sat at home…

I have gone to Little Heath for 7 years… That’s mad! A very long time! Especially for someone who wanted to leave SO many times… Although I’m kind of glad I stuck around.

So today was my last day, I woke up really happy about it because hey, its my last day!18765351_1363148903753332_1590881053_o Who wouldn’t be happy about that? I was in school until 12 and then went to the pub (Cliché thing to do as A Level students).

All the Year 13s had their final assembly at around 11, it was quite a nice thing to have at the end. One thing did stick out though, during the assembly they said, “I am hoping that you all have fond memories here”, I got nudged and looked at by a few of my friends since they know I haven’t had the best time. Everyone has had their ups and downs, however most people seem to have more good memories than bad. It was quite interesting because when in the pub we were talking about all the good stuff and bad stuff that has happened and a few were surprised that I could remember as much as I did, considering I went all the way back to Year 7 memories.

18721467_1363148910419998_1714702521_oApart from that part of the assembly, I have had one of the BEST days ever, its defiantly one that I will remember forever!

If my day wasn’t already as good as it was there was certainly one person that made my day. I got pulled aside at the get together for the Year 13s in the pub and got told by someone who that they read my blog and that they support what I do because it’s a great thing, that made my day! Its great when I get feedback like that, it makes me so happy. When I get things like that said to me all the hate that I have been sent recently seems to go away because I’m showing the positive side of things by being able to write about it and help others, that seems to make it all worth it.18742607_1363148907086665_107620815_o

So today has been AMAZING, I have had the best day! I am truly feeling blessed to have the people that I do in my life. I have met some awesome people over the past 7 years, who I am sure I will defiantly stay in contact with!

Okay, so that’s it for this post, just thought I would write a little something as I am in a fantastic mood! Hope everyone had a great day and has a good half term! Exams will be over soon – Best of luck! You’ll do great, put in what you want out of it! Most importantly, as my dad always says, try your best because no one can ask more than that. Have a great week! I’m sure there will be a new blog post soon, take care. Much love – Alison xx

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