Donating My Hair to The Little Princess Trust!

Hey guys! So this week I want to write about the Little Princess Trust! But before I do I just wanted to say that I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Okay, so for anyone that doesn’t know, “The Little Princess Trust is a charity that provides real hair wigs free of charge to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.”

On the 23rd December I went to go and get my hair cut. However, at the same time I managed to get my hair donated to the Little Princess Trust, it is something that I am ever so proud of. I have wanted to donate my hair for ages, literally years. Although my dad never let me, this was because the first time I wanted to do it I wanted to shave all my hair off for a charity and donate my hair, as you can imagine he said no. A few months ago I found out about this charity where I could donate my hair, where I wouldn’t shave all of it off so therefore I may have been able to get it done and I did!!! I finally got my hair cut for charity!

Before & After:


Here’s what happened…

15673145_1203591573042400_170225870_nStage 1:

The two lovely ladies that were helping with my hair started to plait all my hair to the length that I wanted it. The hair has to be roughly 12″, which I was so happy with because it meant that I could donate my hair. My hair got plaited into 7 plaits where it was then securely tied so that it would be ready to cut. This was so exciting to have done, it made me feel great!

It is such an amazing way to end my year and it is something that I would defiantly do again. It’s for a good cause and I cant wait to be able to do it again when my hair gets longer, I know that this is exactly what I want to do every time my hair grows out.

15722813_1203591606375730_545241756_nStage 2:

Here is a picture of the first plait being cut off! I was so excited about it! I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do. My hair was way too long before I got it cut, it was nice to style and have down but having to tame my long hair every single day was a bit of a nightmare. It was defiantly due a haircut.

Although a lot of people have said that they like my long hair I like it short. When I told a few close friends about what I had done a lot of them were shocked. I got told that it looked “different” but that it “suited” me.

At this point, after having the first plait cut off I was so excited to get the rest cut off. It was a really good experience, the ladies in the hairdressers were really lovely too, that’s what helped to make this experience even better!

15645404_1203591579709066_236552456_nStage 3:

This is a picture of all of the 7 plaits of my hair that got cut off! It made me feel really good to know that my hair had another use for others. To know that I could make a difference. I am literally so proud of myself! It’s an amazing way to end the year!

It is defiantly something that I am going to aim to do again.

It’s a good way to put hair to use once someone gets it cut, much better than having it cut and having it swept away on the floor, just going to end up in a bin after.


Stage 4:

It was time to get my hair cut and styled into the way I wanted it done. Having long hair is really annoying to tame so I was really relieved and happy with how short it had been cut. Not to mention that it was cut for a good cause!

When I told a few people¬†that I was going to have my hair cut short, a lot of them looked at me and said “are you sure?”, I mean I know that if I made a mistake I wouldn’t be able to glue it back on but honestly I don’t think I have made a mistake. It was really exciting and to know that a little girl or a little boy is going to be able to have a wig because of me really does make me feel good inside. I love how it turned out and although the era of me having my hair shaved at the side is over, I don’t think that will be permanent, once my hair has grown out to the point where I can put it up again it will go straight back to how it was, so that I can grow it out again to donate my hair again.

15683387_1203591636375727_1405525841_nStage 5:

This was the finished product of my hair and I am so happy with it!!! I love it so much! I have tried all week to keep it quiet that I got my hair cut this short just so that I could post this. I am so very proud of this moment! Thank you so much to those of you who gave me such wonderful compliments when I showed you my hair, I love it!

As a lot of people have said to me, it is something different and I am really pleased with it.

On Christmas Eve I went to go and collect a certificate that I had been given for donating my hair. So many people have said so many lovely thingscertificate about it and it means ever so much to me! It is really good to know that I have done a good thing!

I think my dad is really proud of me, every time we saw someone we knew he told them exactly what I had done because a lot of them reacted in horror, “where has all your lovely hair gone?!” It was quite funny actually. I couldn’t help but laugh.

With who I am as a person, I am quite surprised that I managed to keep this quiet for as long as I did. Some people may be thinking “it’s not that difficult”, but TRUST ME, I just can’t keep quiet about much, I tell everyone E V E R Y T H I N G. Not everyone, just the people who I am close with. Minus private / secret things of course, but you catch my drift. If you know me personally, you defiantly know what I’m on about. A message or Snapshot every time I achieve something, but there haven’t been any complaints, haha!

So here it is, here’s what I have achieved this week! I’m really proud of it! It’s one of the best ways to end my year! Thank you for all the lovely compliments about my hair (to those who I told), thank you to the lovely ladies that done my hair for me, I love it! Last but not least, thank you to my dad for letting me get it done! Love you! So there it is… Whoop, whoop! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! There will be a new blog post up at 6pm on Saturday (31st December), two posts in one week! The 31st December marks two years of this blog so I cant wait to share that and celebrate that with you guys! Thank you so much for all the support! Have a great week, stay safe and keep smiling! Much love – Alison xx