Hey guys! Before I start I just want to say a massive thank you for the messages and comments that I got from last week’s blog post. It means a lot! Fingers crossed I have helped at least someone with it, even if its not about their glasses, maybe it’s about something else, I don’t know, but hopefully I’ve helped someone. That’s the goal. It kind of means a lot, I got quite a few messages about the picture I posted, you guys are the best!!

Okay, so this week I did the same again where I got someone to pick a number without knowing any of the ideas and here’s what they picked. Well, they didn’t pick this idea, but you probably get what I mean.

So throughout this blog post I have changed the name of the person involved. I’m going to name this person Kelly (for anyone that may get confused, mainly just for me). I’ve changed the name because I want to keep it confidential.

About 2 years ago, (that’s about 2 years into going to counselling), I was sat in the waiting room, waiting to go into the little room to see my counsellor. It was all fine, same old same old. Until someone walked in that I didn’t want to. I was kind of shocked but kind of nervous because at the time only 5 of my closest friends knew that I went to counselling. In walks Kelly… She started staring at me and sat next to me…

Here’s why it was a big deal. She had been bullying me with her friends for years, and at that point I just wanted the ground to swallow me whole. I didn’t want to be sat next to her. She smiled at me and started to make conversation…

Kelly: “Why are you here? I didn’t know you went to counselling.”

Me: “Cause of bullying. No one really knows to be honest.”

Kelly: “Who bullies you?”

Me: “Quite a few people…”

Kelly: “Oh, I never knew.”

I didn’t want to say, “YOU”, it wasn’t just her but I didn’t want any trouble. I just wanted that to be the end of it and to be left alone. I never asked her why she was there, obviously she was there for counselling but I didn’t ask why, I didn’t want to know, it’s private. I never saw her there again after that, I didn’t know why, but then again it didn’t really bother me.

It made me think though, either she didn’t know that what she was doing was bullying or she just really didn’t know that I got bullied… I don’t know… But after that, every time her friends said something to me, she would tell them to shut up. It meant a lot and I really appreciated it.

I guess my point is that some may not know what they are really doing until their eyes are opened. Of course that doesn’t mean that it’s okay, no way is it okay, but maybe, just maybe they don’t know their doing it. About 10% of the time, I have noticed that someone won’t mean what they’ve just said; it’s either that or their just really good at lying… I don’t know… I’m always surprised when people say they didn’t realise it was bullying, I just don’t understand how they don’t realise..?

Recently, I bumped into Kelly again; she said hi to me and started a conversation. That’s what sparked the inspiration for this blog post…

Okay… This is kind of a short blog post this week. I wanted to write about this but didn’t really know how to write it so my friend helped me with choosing a fake name. I know this doesn’t really have a point to it, I just wanted to write about it.

Before I finish this week’s post, I just wanted to give a shout out to the wonderful person that told me that Tuesday was a year ago since I created my Facebook page for my blog. Which you can check out here: if anyone is interested. It would mean a lot. I get quite a few messages on there; they really do brighten my day so thank you so much! It’s the small things in life…

That’s it from me this week. Hope you enjoyed reading this! There will be a new blog post up next Thursday as usual! Have hope, stay strong, keep smiling and have a great week! Remember not to settle for any less than you deserve! Much love – Alison xx