You don’t need a reason to help people!

Hey guys, so this week I was going to write about something different but then yesterday something happened, and although it was only something that I consider small, I feel that it may be a big issue (in some cases). I also wanted to share it because although it is a small thing, I am kind of proud of myself for helping someone.

Before I begin typing I just want to say a massive thank you for all the people who have come up to me at school and told me they’ve read my blog and their thoughts on it. It means ever so much to me, it makes me so happy to hear all that! So thank you so much!

Okay, so on my way home from school I have to ride my bike down an alley. On my way home yesterday, I was half way down the alley when this little boy, who must have been in Year 5, came up to me crying.

“Excuse me. Have you seen my sister?”

This is one of the most nerve-wracking things that has ever been said to me. What if I do the wrong thing? There were a ton of questions going through my head, thinking about what to do. I was in a bit of a panic but started to talk to him.

I discovered that his sister went to my school and was in year 7. So we stood waiting down the alley, waiting for his sister, I was hoping she came down the alley. It was so worrying, I wouldn’t have known what to do if she didn’t walk down the alley.

I asked if he knew his mums phone number but he didn’t, so I asked him if he knew his sisters phone number but he didn’t. I just didn’t know what to do, I mean, what do you do in that situation? I was hoping his sister walked down the alley so that I knew it was all okay. I wasn’t even in a rush to get home, I would have happily took him to find a teacher within school, hoping that they would be able to do something to help.

I phoned my dad up after to make sure that I had done the right thing and he said he was proud of me.

On the way home, I saw the same boy again with his sister, they both said thank you and then the little boy waved goodbye. I’m not going to lie, it’s so good to know that I could help him. He had a smile on his face as soon as his sister was found. It’s the small things like that, helping someone, whether it’s helping them with something big or something small, that make the community a better place. That’s what I think, anyways.

The big issue that I was talking about at the start is that he didn’t know his mum or his sisters number, I mean I know he’s in Year 5 but what if his sister didn’t turn up? What if she had already gone home or something?

When I was little I got really annoyed at my dad, he kept making me learn his phone number. So on the way to school I would learn it and on the way home I would learn it. Eventually, after a year (I think), I finally learnt his phone number. So even if I didn’t have a phone yet, if I needed to call him and use someone else’s phone, I would know the number. I got so annoyed with him, I never really understood why I had to learn his number off by heart, but I eventually did.

When I was in Year 6, I used to do dancing after school, the sessions would end quite late so the parents would have to pick their children up after. One night, the session finished 45 minutes early. It was all good and well for some, a few parents use to turn up an hour early (My dad being one of them). None of the parents got told that it was going to end early so there were a few children who were left there without parents to pick them up (As they didn’t know it would end early).

There were two girls who I was friends with stood outside waiting for their parents, so my dad asked them if they knew any numbers that could be used to try to get a hold of them, which they didn’t… So my dad and I waited outside with them until their parents showed up.

I have two main points in this blog post.

The first point is that if you are a parent then please consider this, it seems to be an issue that not many think about. I wouldn’t think about it either if I was a parent! But it seems like a good idea, just in case.

My second point is that it costs NOTHING to be nice and help someone else! The little boy down the alley was ignored by a few people. I can’t stand to see someone upset, and although I didn’t know him and he was just a stranger, he is so young. I don’t really understand why no one stopped to help him…

Okay, so I’m going to wrap it up here. Just remember that it costs nothing to help someone else, and who knows, you might even make their day! There will be a new blog post up next week as usual! Have a great week! Keep smiling and have hope. Much love – Alison xx