Turning Eighteen!!!

Hey guys, so this is the second blog post I have posted this week, whoop-whoop! Before I start typing I just want to say thank you for all the support that I have been given as image1always, you guys are amazing! It’s currently 6:38am (it wont be when I post this), but I’m so happy! It’s my birthday! I’m finally 18!

I know it’s just another age but I think it is interesting to know that I have been alive for 6575 days (939 weeks and 2 days! 216 months!). Isn’t that just amazing! I think it is anyway, its incredible to find that out! I guess this is Chapter 18 of my life. Turning 18 is supposed to mean that you have reached one of the big milestones in your life. It’s supposed to mean that you’re a “responsible” young “adult”. When I got that said to me it made me laugh, I can be responsible at times, but there are times when my friends and family would disagree that I’m at the age of an adult. Sometimes they see my inner 6-year-old, “sometimes”, I mean a lot of the time. But what’s the point in living if you have to be IMG_2645serious all the time, am I right? I’m right. Don’t disagree with me, its my birthday. (I apologise, kinda).

This time last year, it was my first day of Year 12, I’m not going to lie, I have come a long way, well I reckon so anyway. I’ve become more confident and I’m not afraid to show who I truly am, even if that does mean getting weird looks from near enough everyone! They look at me weirdly when I make really bad jokes or when I’m enjoying myself, I guess the great thing about that is that while their giving me weird looks and laughing at me, ScreenHunter_63 Sep. 03 20.28they’re leaving someone else alone! That’s a GREAT feeling!

On this exact date last year, I posted a blog post about going back to school, I read through it this morning and wasn’t sure about it. I guess I just like my writing more now than back then. Which means, I guess, I’ve kind of improved? It’s great! *Grins like an idiot*

I began my day opening up birthday cards and managed to spill confetti everywhere, whoops! I then replied to all the lovely messages that I have been getting and had a fun day shopping with my best friend.

I got a few text messages at 00:00 straight away wishing me a happy birthday, but I decided that I would wait until morning to read them, since I knew they would put a smile on my face.

So back to talking about today…

I spent my 18th birthday with my best friend! The day started off great and it ended greatIMG_2646 too! I was supposed to be meeting her in town, but on my way to the place where we were supposed to meet up, I got a little fright. She shouted surprise and nearly jumped on my back, scaring me half to death! It was funny though, I’m not going to lie! She gave me a bag full of presents and a BALLOON!!!

So? What’s so good about a balloon? Calm down, you are not 10! Since my 16th birthday (maybe even before that), I have been talking to her about wanting a balloon on my birthday, I wasn’t hinting it to her at all. But she turned up with a balloon, my day was already made! My inner 6-year-old was so happy!

We then spent the day going shopping, she spoiled image6me rotten! We spent most of our day going from shop to shop, I enjoyed it so much! In the cards I was given there was more confetti, I’m not going to lie, my birthday has been so exciting! I know that sounds sarcastic but its the small things in life that make me happy, like the long messages in cards, confetti and balloons! I am so grateful for everything she did for me today!

I know you’re reading this, just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you, thank you for spending today with me, for the balloon! For your message in my card! For always being there for me 365 days a year! (366 on a leap year). For being an amazing friend! You’re like a sister to meimage2 (“Like”, pshhhh YOU are my sister, blood or not) and I love you so much! Thank you so much!!

My day has been amazing, I am sooo happy! I’m really chuffed with the presents that I have gotten today! Massive thank you to everyone that said happy birthday! Thank you for my cards and thank you for the presents that I have been given, they are all so lovely! And the balloon, can’t forget the balloon!!!

I didn’t think I would feel any different, turning 18, but I’m starting to feel different, older, I don’t know, its weird but I’m happy! Thank you so much my lovelies, you’re all so amazing! Thank you to everyone that made my day a great one! Thank you to my dad, my brother Tom and Chloe for making sure that I had a great day, I love you guys!!!

When I got home tonight before writing out this blog post, I was given a key ring with an owl on it (I forgot to take a picture of it). My cousins then surprisedImage 8 me and gave me a massive 18 balloon and some small balloons. MORE BALLOONS!!! Sorry, not sorry!

On our shopping travels, Chloe had a thing for unicorns (Who am I kidding, I LOVE unicorns! Don’t judge me okay, its my birthday! That is such a great excuse for everything, “It’s my birthday” haha!)… Okay… Back to what I was talking about! We were walking around town and even though I told her not to spend money on me, she spoiled me rotten, she said its my birthday (the great excuse returns) and its a big day so she’s buying me presents. She brought me a unicorn cushion, this cute cup type thing (with a unicorn on it), a throw for my bed and an Avengers phone case.

*Unicorn obsession returns* *BEWARE*DSCF2157

 DSCF2124DSCF2134  DSCF2160

DSCF2140 DSCF2151

Thank you so much to all the people who made sure I had a smile on my face all day! It means a lot and I love you all so much! I know this isn’t what I usually post about but it’s my birthday and 18 is one of the big milestones in my life. Thank you so much! There will be a new blog post next week! I am so very happy with my day, thank you so much! I know I have said thank you quite a lot in this post but I have had the BEST day ever! I am extremely happy!! (Even if this post is published a little bit later than I expected it to be!) Much love – Alison xx