Out of sight, out of mind…

Hey guys! So this week I want to talk about why I love half term so much, I’m pretty sure some of you will be able to relate. “Cause you don’t have to go to school, duh”, no, not quite…

But before I start this post, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the support from last weeks blog post, I got such a great response yet again, so thank you so much because it really does mean a lot! In case anyone was wondering, I didn’t get any grief this April Fools day which is great! I was so pleased, maybe people have started to grow up a bit…

Okay, so… Out of sight, out of mind.

If you can’t already guess who or what I’m talking about, I’m talking about bullies.

I don’t know about you but I love half terms mainly because I don’t have to see the people that bully me. Whereas, when I’m at school, I am constantly looking over my shoulder or worrying. I worry mainly because if the bullies feel like bullying someone they will, and if they see me then I’m the one in their firing range..

It becomes a real problem when I go out though, I’ll go into a shop, see someone and end up walking back out because I’m worried that even outside of school they will find a way to upset me. Being in the same room, same shop or same area with someone that either still does or has bullied me in the past makes me feel really uncomfortable, why should anyone be made to feel like that?

So, here’s what I have done. I have thought of ways that I can make these experience’s better for myself. So I don’t have to worry as much. I know that a few of my readers may have gone through this, so just remember, they can only get to you if you let them get to you, and I know it’s difficult, I know it shouldn’t happen in the first place, but just stay strong, keep your head held high and keep smiling.

If you see someone that you are worried about, don’t walk the opposite way, hold your head up high and walk to wherever you are going. The only one that can control how you feel is you, I know it’s difficult but honestly if you just smile at them when they say something, they won’t say anything more. It shows that your more powerful than what they say. That’s really all you can do…

So, I know this isn’t a long post, but that’s it for this week, there will be a new post next Thursday! Thank you for all the support. Much love – Alison xx

3 thoughts on “Out of sight, out of mind…

  1. Those bullies will either plead at your feet in the future or watch you on national TV,listen to me.Regardless anything,they got no power over you and let your own strength and happiness rise brighter and above them.They’re absolutely nothing.

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