Why I hate April Fools Day…

Before I write about why I hate April Fools Day, I just want to say a massive thank you for all the support I got from my last blog post about being hit by a taxi, the support was great. I was so worried about posting it because of the hate I got last time but the support has really helped, and everyone that spoke to me, didn’t make a joke about it or anything which was great! The support I got from that post has made me think about writing this one, so thank you. Anyways, back to this post…

So tomorrow it is the first day of April, famously known as April Fools Day. Does anyone know why the day exists? Besides playing jokes on other people, I’d really like to know!

This year the day falls during the Easter half term, but usually the day falls on a school day. I’ve only ever been to school once on April fools day, but other than that, I’ve had every other April fools day off school because of a few incidents that happened on that one April fools day that was a school day. 

It was in year 7, in a maths class. Half way through the class the boy that sat behind me tapped my shoulder, so I turned around, a few of the girls in the back were laughing and some of the boys were encouraging him. They all knew what was going to happen but I didn’t have a clue. He asked me out, as a joke obviously. As a “April Fools” joke. Before I could answer, the teacher told us all to be quiet and for me to turn around, he then took me out of the lesson 10 minutes later because certain people in my class wouldn’t leave me alone. He asked me if I realised what day it was. I had already spoke to him about being bullied before and so he knew what was happening. There was about 10 minutes left of the lesson and so he told me to get my bag and to have an early break. When I walked back in to the class to get my bag, he asked me again and I said no, to which I got some horrible comments, you name it and it was most likely said to me. Even though it was an April Fools joke, for the next couple of weeks, I got picked on about it.

Another thing that has happened, mainly because I stopped going to school on April Fools day, I would get messages from people, asking me out as a joke or they would say really nice things to be and then once I’d say thank you, they would message me back saying April Fools with a rather rude reply. So even when I didn’t go to school, and I was in the comfort of my own home, they would still be able to attack me with their horrid words…

One year, a bunch of boys came up to me and started talking to me (“So what Alison, their just talking to you” – I know, I know…) but because they were being so nice to me, I found it weird and asked them why they were talking to me, (I wasn’t even rude! It was just a genuine question!). To which they responded by throwing yogurt at me…I had to buy a new school jumper… It was humiliating. A teacher made me walk away and go to the bathroom to sort myself out. Half of my (No longer) friends sat there and laughed at me as well. Even when it’s 5/6 years on, I still don’t find it funny, it was humiliating and uncalled for. As I walked away with what friends I had left, the group of boys told me that no one really liked me and called me so many names. I ended staying off school for the rest of the week. I never got an apology for it either…

So here’s what I have to say, if you are planning on pranking someone tomorrow, please don’t be too cruel or mean about it, you have no idea what they are going through and would you really want to be seen as mean to other pupils? I suppose some people don’t care, but just think about it, if that was you, would you find it funny?

Anyway, that’s it from me this week, new post next Thursday. Hope you all have a lovely week! Thank you for all the support, I’ve really enjoyed reading the comments, emails and messages that I have been getting. Much love – Alison xx

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