Don’t run away from your problems, face them head on and don’t give up!

Hi guys! Okay, so over these last few months I’ve had quite a few problems with school, whether it’s been with the bullies, pointless arguments with friends or school work.

Over the past few years, every time I’ve been bullied it always got to the point where I’d always want to move schools or out of Reading, although whenever I asked my dad he always said no, this was because I shouldn’t have to move schools if I am doing okay academically. (Well, really, the first six times I asked he said yes but because things got better and I changed my mind, I never moved, after the sixth time of asking, he said I couldn’t move because it got to an important stage in my education).

Recently, I’d got to the point where I wanted to leave school again, not for good, but just to go somewhere else, to go to a different sixth form. I thought it would be easier. I just got to the point where I was so fed up with school that I thought it would get better if I moved. Although, yesterday, I really thought about it, why should I have to move? If I moved sixth form’s it would make sure that the bullies had won and that’s a fight that I’m not prepared to give up. I shouldn’t have to run from the bullies and that’s exactly what I would be doing if I had of left by now. I’m sticking in the same place until I either get a better offer or until it’s time to move on, I’m not a coward and therefore I’m not going to run away.

I’m not saying that people that move schools because of bullying are cowards – I’m really not, I’m so sorry that you had to move, it shouldn’t of came to that!

However, my point is that I’m sticking at the sixth form I’m at no matter what, I don’t see why I should leave. If I leave, the bullies have won and I won’t be able to make a difference and there’s no way I’m going to let that happen, I was put on this world to make my mark and that is exactly what I’m going to do.

I know that sometimes things get tough and you may just want to run away from it all but honestly if you are being bullied, just tell someone, use the advice from my previous blogs, it most likely will get sorted out if you tell them and if you don’t then it probably won’t (I know this is weird – but apparently, according to my dad, people don’t have a crystal ball and their not mind readers so if you don’t say anything it won’t get sorted. I know! Ridiculous, right?!).  If you are going through a tough time with friends then talk to them about it, nothing is going to get sorted if you just ignore each other, it’ll be worth it in the end. If the problem can’t be resolved then just don’t speak to each other – Obviously talk about the issue first.  Another thing that I’ve had problems with recently is school work, I stuck my head in the sand for a while and just kept worrying about it instead of asking for help, however this way (Since teachers don’t have crystal balls) I just struggled even more and therefore no work got done, really I just made it more difficult for myself.

The point of this blog post is to say that whatever you are going through, don’t run away from it, maybe talk to someone about it, if not it won’t get better.

When I was around 10 years old, I had a pair of pink tracksuit bottoms, they were my favourite! But when they ripped I didn’t tell my dad. I wasn’t careful with them, while outside playing football I ran straight past something (I can’t remember what it was) but whatever it was ripped my tracksuit bottoms. Anyways, I didn’t tell my dad, I was really worried that he would be cross with me, since they were only a day old, so I hid them under my bed for best part of a week, (Which in my mind seemed like a year), I attempted to sew up the hole but that went horribly wrong so I just hid them. Eventually he asked me why I didn’t wear them anymore (Obviously he already knew about it, he was just waiting for me to tell him), and I had to tell him – In fact it had built up so much guilt because they were new and  that I hadn’t told him, that I actually burst into tears and told him. Okay, so, the only reason I am telling you this is because if you are in a situation and you don’t communicate with others or you run away from the issue, it is never going to get resolved. My advice to you is to face your problems head on, even if there really scary, otherwise it will never get resolved and you don’t want the issue to repeat itself over and over, so just communicate. Trust me, it works.

Question for my followers: Have you ever faced up to something that you were really worried about? If so, and you feel comfortable with telling me – What was it? And how did you feel after? Let me know, in the comments below or message me. I’d love to hear about it.

That’s it from me this week, there will be a new blog post next week. Hope everyone has a great week in that time! Much love – Alison xx

7 thoughts on “Don’t run away from your problems, face them head on and don’t give up!

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  2. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this, Alison! When I was in high-school I was probably the bully for some of my classmates, but it was different, because I was hard working and pretty good at every class, what you would call a geek. So geeks were the bullies. Being smart and learning was the popular, cool thing to do. And you would be bullied if you were the kid that never shows up in class and never prepares for a test 🙂 pretty weird, I know it’s not your case and I wish I had a solution. Keep on being smart, ignore, do your thing, this too shall pass! You won’t be able to run out on every problem life brings, this is your time to build discipline and character! And from time to time, turn your gaze from this problem and start imagining and creating your future. Stay strong!

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