Top 5 things I HATE being said to me while talking about bullying…

Over the past few weeks I have been speaking about bullying quite a lot, talking about my experiences, giving advice, helping others with problems to do with bullying.

  1. “But really it shouldn’t affect you.” – Why not? Why shouldn’t it affect me? Would you enjoy being called fat or ugly, or other horrible names? Would you like to spend every single day at school getting called names and being followed half way home having abuse shouted at you and having things thrown at you? No, I didn’t think so. If the answer is yes, which it most likely isn’t and shouldn’t be then think about how it affects people.
  2. “Just ignore it.” – Why should I ignore something that shouldn’t be happening in the first place. Bullying is wrong and anyone that doesn’t understand that needs to be educated about bullying. I shouldn’t have to ignore it, it either shouldn’t be happening or should be stopped as soon as I tell someone. No one should ignore bullying, it ruins confidence and can cause physical and mental illness.
  3. “They’ll stop it soon, just don’t react to it.” – No, they probably won’t stop soon, and this, don’t react nonsense?? How am I not supposed to react? Of course when I get called names my facial expression is going to change or I’m going to tell them to go away or leave me alone. If anyone ever says this to you, don’t believe this, tell someone and keep telling them until they do something about it.
  4. “Oh don’t worry, it’s just banter.” – I’ve had this said to me so many times, how is bullying banter? It’s not banter, it’s bullying, it’s called bullying for a reason, you can’t rename “bullying” with the word “banter” just because it sounds better than bullying. It’s ridiculous, and wrong.
  5. “Well he’s retarded, he doesn’t understand anyway.” – I’ve had this said to me before, this makes me really angry, the guy that said this was talking about my autistic brother because I confronted the boy for bullying him. No one has any right to say things like this, I get the whole, freedom of speech thing but there is a thing called self respect which brings you to respect others, so it’s not “you can’t say it”, it’s “should you say it???”

So here is this weeks blog post, it’s only short because I’ve been working on other things for my blog. I had parents evening tonight so I take it so did most other people, hope it all went well? Just remember that if you are ever in this situation where a teacher says these things to you, or where a bully says to you, go and tell someone who is interested and get it sorted, no one should get bullied, no one should support bullying in any way and saying these things is kind of like supporting bullying, it’s giving bullies an excuse to do what they do best. Thank you for all the support I’ve been getting recently and of course from the start. There will be a new blog post up next week. Hope everyone has a good week during that time. Much love – Alison xx