Volunteering for Veterans With Dogs

12637378_947621795306047_168635424_oThe weekend before last, I spent my whole weekend volunteering for a charity called Veterans With Dogs.12650231_947621838639376_1865243601_n The charity do some great work, at the table we were accompanied by one of the dogs that help out, her name was Mya. The dogs really do amazing things, for example, one of the dogs have saved one of the veterans from committing suicide twice. They really do great things, it’s amazing. I’m writing this because I want to help raise awareness for charities like this. They don’t get enough attention and so a lot of people 12509066_1553338998319647_2723051199301979251_ndon’t really know what the charity are or what they do.

Sorry that this post isn’t long this week but I felt like I should write about this. New blog post next week! Much love – Alison xx

12650614_947680085300218_1488752796_n 12659810_947680108633549_1340868567_n

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