First post of 2016: Let’s talk about real friends…

12483795_935778073157086_1997040367_nI want to kick off 2016 by talking about something quite close to me…

When I was in year 7, I didn’t really know the difference between real friends and people that were taking the micky. Some people still try to do that, they’ll come up and talk to me and their friends will be in a group not far behind, staring and laughing. I never really understood it, I still don’t to be honest… But I got told I was the joke, so I guess that’s what that was.

Anyways, in year 7 when I was alone and didn’t really have any friends, the “popular group” would come up and speak to me, I thought they were just being nice, and to start with they were. Whenever I walked past or was seen alone they’d say hello and ask how I was. However after a while, they’d ask me personal questions and call me names along with it, whenever I walked away from it I’d get laughed at. In lessons I’d sit alone and someone out of the group would come and sit next to me and start talking to me, which I wouldn’t exactly mind but then I figured out I was a joke to them. I found out the difficult way, instead of realising, I found out by someone over Facebook, and they weren’t exactly nice about it either.

I didn’t really understand, so instead of telling anyone I put my head in the sand and kept it there for years. I didn’t tell anyone that it was bothering and this is when it started to affect my school life, as in my school work.

What I’m trying to say is, if you are experiencing anything like this then tell someone, a parent, a teacher, a friend, someone, anyone, it doesn’t matter who, just talk to someone about it and you never know, they may try to solve the problem.

I’m very lucky now, things turned around, I’ve got a fantastic group of friends that I can talk to about anything, their very supportive, if I’m ever getting any grief from people they always convince me to go speak to someone… It doesn’t hurt telling anyone, it may even make the problem better.

If this has ever happened to you, trust me, it’s not you, it’s them. They have nothing better to do. Don’t ignore it, tell someone!

Anyways that’s it for this week, there will be a new post next Thursday as usual, sorry it’s not that long this week. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a good start to the new year. Have a nice weekend Much love – Alison xx

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