You are not alone.

I was bullied when I was in primary school, I also got bullied in secondary. In primary school my dad was dying in hospital and I was getting bullied by this one girl. I kept telling my mum who was telling the teachers and they kept telling this one girl off. It never worked. I was already in a very vulnerable place at that moment in time, the last thing I needed was this girl harassing me. Eventually the teachers brought her mother in and had a word with her and also my teacher at the time had a private word with the girl that was doing it. I honestly don’t know what the teacher said but it worked. She left me alone. I was so relieved and felt like a weight had been lifted. I will always be thankful to that teacher. If you are getting bullied keep telling someone they will have to listen eventually and it will get better I promise! In secondary I got bullied because of my weight and because I was tall, I mean how was I supposed to control my height? Obviously you can’t! I had a word with the year head and it got sorted immediately. But I was also fortunate because I had family at the school who stuck up for me because they knew the people doing it and for that I’m forever grateful. If you are getting bullied tell someone you need to. You are not alone. They’re are people to support you. If you feel like you can’t speak to someone in person you can ring The Samaritans anonymously and they will give you advice on what to do. –Chloe

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